Nigeria: Lagos Island Boils, 4 Dead, Houses, Vehicles Burnt – PM News

Lagos Island, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria was a theatre of war this morning as scores of youths from Idungaran in Isale Eko area stormed Isalegangan Street (Onola) with dangerous weapons, including AK 47 rifles, knives, cutlasses and gallons of petrol and set a two-storey building at 28, Isalegangan Street ablaze.

About twenty vehicles were also set ablaze while about 30 others were vandalised on Agarawu Street, Isale Agbede, Aroloya and Tom Jones at Idumota. The mayhem started around 2 a.m.

Several residents of the areas sustained injuries during the clash and were rushed to the hospital. There were unconfirmed reports that four persons were feared dead but their identities could not be ascertained at the time of filing this report.

The rampaging youths who were said to be sympathetic to two chieftains of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, Alhaji Akanni Olohunwa and Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya, a.k.a. MC Oluomo, contesting the chairmanship of the union in the state, attempted to destroy an ATM machine located inside New Star photo studio at 28, Isalegangan Street but they did not succeed. Some houses were also vandalised.

Investigations revealed further that the renewed clash was between youths in Isale-Eko and Onola/Agarawu/Itafaji boys over the ongoing leadership crisis in NURTW.

Some of the vandalised vehicles at Palm Church and Isalegangan streets were still smouldering as at the time of filing this report.

P.M.NEWS gathered that Isale Eko boys assisted by over 60 youths, dressed in black and armed with both dane and automatic guns, cutlasses and iron rods stormed Onola area through Agarawu and Itafaji and attacked youths there.

An eyewitness narrated to P.M.NEWS that the invaders started shooting guns in air, daring anyone to come out and challenge them.

“It was the night guards along Palm Church area that started blowing their whistles to alert residents sleeping outside their buildings because of blackout by PHCN that saved the situation. Many people would have been killed by the armed youths in their homes,” the witness stated.

Another source added that the invaders got angry and started vandalising vehicles parrked on the streets when they were stopped by the night guards from attacking youths in their houses in Onola.

In a reprisal attack, Onola boys, it was learnt, drove back the invaders and started attacking innocent commuters coming to the Island through Idumota and Adeniji-Adele axis of the 3rd Mainland bridge.

It was learnt that residents alerted the police but they did not come early and when they eventually did, the havoc had been done by the invading miscreants.

The Head, Fashola family of Onala area, Agarawu, Alhaji Oladosu Fashola, told P.M.NEWS that the elders restrained their youths from attacking the intruders.

Fashola also told P.M.NEWS that the casualty figure would have been on the high side if Onola youths had confronted the invaders.

Appealing to the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, to intervene in the crisis, Fashola said residents of Agarawu are interested in peace on Lagos Island and Lagos State, in general.

“Since the incident happened last night, most shops were not opened this morning. Many residents could not go about their normal duties because of fear of harassment and molestation,” Fashola lamented, adding that the people of the area were interested in peace and not mayhem.

Fashola identified the attackers as area boys from Isale Eko, saying that they are not members of NURTW, or any other union.

He called for the intervention of the Lagos paramount ruler and security agents to restore peace to the troubled areas.

Efforts to speak with the Divisional Police Officer, Adeniji Adele Police Station who was seen inspecting the damage done at Isalegangan area proved abortive as he refused to comment on the incident.

Armoured tanks and personnel carriers belonging to the Rapid Response Squad, RRS, were seen stationed at Itafaji, Idumagbo Avenue and Tom Jones areas of the Island after the police had succeeded in quelling the riot.

Business activities at the affected areas were also paralysed as traders refused to open their shops for fear of renewed fighting. Some parents also refused to take their children to schools in the troubled areas.

When contacted, Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Joseph Jaiyeoba said he was not sure of the casualty figure now but that he was still awaiting information on it, adding that more policemen had been drafted to the area to maintain peace.

  1. Samson Reply

    Na wa ooo. How many we won count for Naija. Plenty dey happen every day.

    • Karen Reply

      Honestly speaking i do not want to oemmcnt but i think i need to let people know the inept of Jonathan Govt, people should not get me wrong that even if hubby can not perform his right at home must all be blame on Jonathan, it’s not so but let us flash back during late Tunde Idiagbon thou there are state administrators but himself Idiagbon eradicate this miscreant and agbero boys then i could recall Popson, Atila and co they were shoot down and they make sure they did not carry out this operation they were frustrated to death, listen people do say Tinubu allow them but some people are mumu, this miscreant and agbero known in a packaging as NURTW are nothing but a mere touts it’s has to be dissolve from the federal level before talking about the state level when the foundation is broken the rest will fall, Jonathan visit them and they visited him before and after the election just same some state govs did but i wonder if this man call Jonathan and some state govs are fools, moron and not expose, how could they have allow this touts collecting fees for what and this dirty guys are using the money to buy murano, camry, nissan and so on for dirty actress and some advance local babes its all poverty, those days can we tell our parents that we are dating a touts, agbero or a miscreant if they will not disown such person but now a graduate is even dating them all because of poverty, Jonathan and some govs do visit canada, america and europe, have they ever see such agbero in there parks and bus stop, i don’t know why this our leaders are fools, the money those guys are spending anyhow is a taxes suppose to be paid to the local govt monthly and this money are to support the state govt in constructions of roads in the street, the money to buy murano is enough to tied one street and construct the drainage like that till all the streets are tied but our leaders are such a bunch of idiots and fools, DISSOLVE THIS MISCREANT CALL NURTW AND ALLOW THOSE FEES GOES TO LOCAL GOVT ACCOUNT TO ENABLE THEM REPAIR ROADS, Thanks.

  2. Anniza Reply

    Mere outrage is not sfinicueft. Until people become aware that they can and will be held accountable for their actions, such despicable acts will continue to occur. I am yet to hear that in Nigeria a military officer has been punished for unwarranted acts of violence against a civilian. Let us hope that this incident will set a precedent and that when the perpetrators have been punished severly as they should be, it would act as a deterrent to other soldiers who are so inclined. I’m thinking about the military action in Odi, Bayelsa State, the violent crimes that were committed and the wanton violence that was inflicted upon innocent civilians. I have not heard that anyone has been brought to book. The Nigerian military are a disgrace, and one wonders what role they still have in today’s Nigeria. Who are they defending us from?

    • Ander Reply

      The map does not tell the full story. There should be a deefirfnt shade of colour where Jonathan got 25% and above in the North. The voters who make up the 25% and over that Jonathan got in the North are not aliens. They are Northerners. There is a generation growing up in the North that is not given to this polarized Nigeria that many would would want us believe is still there. The only problem I have with them is their silence anytime there is this stupid rampage going on.How on earth did Buhari expect to be President by counting on only Northern votes considering that you need to have 25% votes in 2/3rd of the states and the FCT to be president. Like it or not Jonathan has a national mandate and the nation is not as divided as this map shows. The president campaigned in each state of the country and the fact is there are Northerners who voted for Jonathan because they indeed like him as president.

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