How Boko Haram Members Disguise To Beat Security – Abu Qaqa

Abu Qaqa, the Boko Haram chieftain arrested by the State Security Service, SSS, has disclosed how members of the sect disguised in exquisite cars to ride around town to beat security agents on their trail.

According to Qaqa, the sect members usually drive around in stolen exquisite cars with tainted glasses disguising as affluent members of society to beat security checks.

Qaqa, Head Strategist of the violent Boko Haram sect who was arrested in Kaduna recently had so far disclosed the operational methods of the sect to his interrogators leading to arrest of more sect members.

According to him, security agents were often intimidated to stop such cars “because they believe only big men have such cars and they are not checked.”

He said they often snatch the cars and alter some of the features in a manner that will not reveal they were stolen and drive around town in the cars as they wish.

“Those cars are snatched at gunpoint. We use less expensive ones for suicide ones, while expensive ones are used by leaders, who use them to deceive security agents. Most of the times, those security agents don’t check those cars because of corruption in the country and the feeling that people using such cars are big men,” Qaqa was quoted to have squealed.

So far some leading members of the sect including Alhaji Kabiru Umar alias Sokoto have been arrested by security agents, a development which had dealt a lethal blow to the violent sect.

Source: Africaexaminer

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