Video: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Says Masturbation Is Not A Sin

In this video, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, answering a question on how to overcome masturbation said: “Masturbation in itself is not a sin against God. Satan uses it in oppressing the mind and make them feel ineffective and inefficient in the sight of God. But once you understand that it’s got nothing to do with God, its about you and your own body. Satan uses it to accuse you, so if you don’t like it stop it…

  1. Anonymous Reply

    by there fruits we shall know them. Even if I am going to hell, let it be my fault because no man of GOD or devil can lead me to hell so far I am with my word of GOD

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Pastor is truly a man of GOD it is “loveworld” the bible for GOD so loved the world lets not jugde him

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Pastor Chris is a Devil Servant if you re not into the Scripture you will not know this…

    Pastor Chris do not have Focus in his Ministry….

    Jesus Christ said Love not the World but the Name of Pastor Chris Church is Loveworld! The question is which World? Is it the one Jesus Command us to Hate or another World I am not Informed?

    God is exposing Minister of Darkness in a day time but some of us re Blind can nor hear…

    How can a Pastor say Masturbation is not a Sin to God first, then later He said Satan uses it to Oppress people which kind turn turn explaination be that….

    Called Sin – Sin and stop playing around the Truth…

    Pst Chris is not a Man of God, God does not know Him says Kingsly Ubani in His Revelation of Heaven. and Hell Fire…

    More over He does not Preached Righteouse….

  4. Papa Reply

    I judge not, but in the old testament if the fluid of my organ which are impure would keep me from Gods presence, then i rather remain pure to have God. What happens when i am impure and God calls, will i make heaven. Pls practice the word of God search for yourself and find the truth. Thanks.

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