1. emikech Reply

    my brother go and finish yourself over……aurovoire

  2. Pastor Anicho Emmanuel Reply

    This is real foolishness. What is this young man going after. From the looks on his face there is sadness. The woman herself is a grandmother. This boy must either be crazy, or he is on is path to madness. I don’t even think he likes living. It may be a pretense to work out a way for document to stay abroad, or he is planning to eliminate this woman to inherit all she had. THIS IS A DISGRACE TO ALL NIGERIANS, LET NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT LOOK INTO SUCH MARRIAGES AND BAN THEM. THE SENATE SHOULD REVISE THE CONSTITUTION ON MARRIAGES AND SCRAP OUT NONSENSE LIKE THIS. I am only sorry that this boy is in for a suicide mission. His family too is a confused and foolish family. May God bless them. I know some people will say it is human right, take note that God did not create Eve before Adam, He created Adam before Eve.

    • Nike Reply

      I am surprise what is pastor talking about. Is it not the same thing when a man of 78years marring a girl of 19years. He abound his family to say he is in love. Have you ask yourself what king of love are we talking about. If when it happens to be the other way round it is accepted but on the other hand it is not. Is it not a pastor that wedded them. I am not saying it is good but is an accepted norm. Go on boy. You are setting a record. At least you did not send anybody out of the house or make anybody unhappy. There was no husband in the house.

  3. Frans Reply

    The two knows what they are doing, the old woman is just helping the poor boy to get a resident permit. is a fake marriage.

    • Rastaman Reply

      You are correct. This is an arrangement wedding and at the end they will pat ways and the boy will be better off. Doing anything to get money!

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