Whitney’s Last Picture – Buried In Jewelry Worth $500,000

This is Whitney Houston’s last picture as she was buried in her favorite purple dress with jewelry worth $500,000.00. Picture by National Enquirer.

  1. Sad and horrified Reply

    horrified at the love of money for some ILL hearted folks, how can they ever enjoy that money?? and the truth will come out –how shameful

  2. Discusted Reply

    At least they cant blame this on Bobby Brown

  3. dainty39gm Reply

    What a shame that Whitney is gone. A shame that she was doing drugs up until her death. A shame that she lied on Oprah saying that she was drug free. A shame that while she claimed how much she soooooo loved the Lord that while she was making The Preacher’s Wife she was doing drugs everyday and most likely all day. A shame that she destroyed her voice. A shame that she chose drugs to be apart of her life.

  4. dainty39gm Reply

    Now it’s been reported that Whitney was doing drugs up until she died. So that means all that time in rehab didn’t do her any good. Obviously, her friends and family couldn’t control her or her habit-she was gonna do what she wanted to do.

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