Gunmen Kill Five In Kano Mosque

Six Gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members on Friday stormed a mosque at Shaka, Kano, during the evening prayer of Moghrib and opened fire on the worshippers.

Five worshippers were killed in the attack.

The prayer session was about ending when six armed men stormed the mosque and began to fire sporadically.

The public relations officer of the Nigeria Police Force in Kano, Mr.Magaji Majia confirmed the killing.

“They came on the back of a motorcycle and shot sporadically at worshippers this evening… the situation is now under control. An investigation has been launched,” he said.

Pandemonium soon ensued with other worshippers fleeing in different directions.

An eye witness said residents were baffled by the development.

In a related development, multiple explosions and gunfight hit the surrounding of a police station opposite Bubayero primary school in Gombe township.

  1. Salihu Tanimu Reply

    The police force and other security agents should take serious measures in order to bring the culprits to book. Since security has become a major concern to all and sundry.

  2. Salihu Tanimu Reply

    I‘m still calling on the residents of Shaka, Kano to give maximum cooporation to the security operatives in fishing out the culprits so that they(culprits) will be brought to book.

  3. Stone Cold Reply

    IT is the north that wanted sharia Laws thereby creating to sets of law in a single nation, they wanted Islamatize the north with radical laws that made no sense, some of the teaching the mosque and churches are out dated, instead some in our country wants to drag everybody backward… the North now have there sharia law, the chickens have now come home to roast deal with the monsters you have created..

    The security force can’t do anything since its was filled with unqualified individuals based on ethnicity..pot belly, motor park tout, university cheaters and recommendation from traditional rulers and all other not necessary for choosing security forces.

    Bring to what book, A judiciary system that only know bribery, if they like they can wipe off the entire Kano, as long as they have there Godfathers with dip pocket they will walk free or escape as usual..

  4. Aminu Reply

    There is nothing lyk boko haram. There is only northern leaders. The bastards have sold the right of nigerians xpecially those living in the north 4 their selfish interest. The judiciary, the executive nd the legislators ar all currupted. The ‘Arewa Forum’ nd any other leaders commitee in the north ar responsible 4 the death of innocent pple. Bt all i knw is, the evil which those bastards have done wil live even b4 their death. They shall pay greatly with their family 4 the innocent blood they splitted. Idiots!!!

  5. Salisu yusuf Reply

    Mr stone cold if u dont have any tin to say go and sleep.

  6. emikech Reply


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