Man Dies of a Heart Attack But then the Unbelievable Happens (VIDEO)

After a massive heart attack took this man’s life, the cardiologist felt an overwhelming urge to pray over his body. Miraculously, he returned to life with no medical explanation.

  1. anonymous Reply

    hmmmmnn! am just so shocked & amazed how marvelous the Lord is.. a spark of faith and instant action. Just amazing! He is great.

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  4. Thomas Reply

    It’s not the only case, miracles like this do happen but unfortunately they are often ignored. We as humans are too much preoccupied with our jobs and stressed with our lives that we forget to live and to love each other. It is my wish that there are more people like this doctor.

  5. oyinda Reply

    I have heard this story before. God is still in the business of doing miracles. He can use anyone, anytime and anywhere. Sceptics can say whatever they like but God is still God. If He did it before, he will do it again.

  6. Wayne Francom Reply

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