Nigeria: Christians Caught Attempting To Bomb COCIN Church In Bauchi – Premium Times

Nine bombers, believed to be christians, were apprehended this morning when they attempted to bomb a COCIN church at Miya Barkate, 20 kilometres along Jos-Bauchi Highway in Bauchi State.

The suspected bombers are Lamba Goma, Filibus Danasa, Joshua Ali, Danjuma Sabo, Joseph Audu, Simon Gabriel, Bulus Haruna, Yohanna Ishaya and Daniel Ayuba (who was the immediate past Secretary of PDP at Tilden Fulani Ward, Toro LGA, Bauchi State).

The suspects are members of the same COCIN church, Unguwar Rimi, a new and small Christian settlement between Tilden Fulani and Shere Hills. The suspects who were thoroughly beaten by the public were rescued by police and then detained at the Toro Divisional Police Division before they were transferred to Bauchi State Police Command, Bauchi.

At about the same time this morning in the Neighbouring Plateau State, a bomb explosion was reported at the headquarters of the same COCIN church during a Sunday service. The number of casualties are not certain. The pastor of the targeted COCIN Church in Bauchi is Ishaya Izam, who recently arrived on posting from the Cocin headquarters in Jos, which was bombed this morning.

It is not clear if the two bombings are related. A statement on the event in Bauchi state is yet to be issued by the Police.

Spokesperson of the Bauchi State command of the police, Hassan Mohammed, confirmed the incident but said he would only provide details later.

“The suspects are in the police headquarters but we will give full details after investigators have ascertained the full situation,” Mr. Mohammed said.

  1. Aminu Reply

    If only they succeded, every1 wil ve concluded that it is Boko Haram(hausa). Bastards christians

    • sunday Reply

      aminu, stop covering the truth. calling christian bastard is not the solution. churches are not burnt in the west or in te eastern nigeria. lets wait for the result of the investigation to know who are the real bastard.

  2. Oscar Akom Reply

    A christian making attaimt to bomb a church that is supper story. Lie only to a fool

  3. stephen Reply

    This does not sound real. Even a foolish or mad man would not believe this. This is just not true in the least. We should allow the suspects speak, maybe they were hypnotized by some evil fellow or there is something we are yet to know. I just know something is wrong. Let’s watch and wait. Fanatics should please take it easy with religion.

  4. sunday Reply

    untill we stop this self deception, Nigeria can not progress. how can christian bomb a church?- cock and bull story. if truly these suspects are members of the church, then may be they’re protecting themselves against attack. all the country where succide bombing occur are islamic countries.these boko haram are cowards who do not know what they want.

  5. Bernard Reply

    The question is,who is a Christian?the Church is not divided to destroy itself. Who is killing his Imam, fellow Muslims in their places of worships northern states for cause not justified. The few Imams are into hideout. Listen, for every beginning there is always an end.

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