Nigeria: Show Your Face, Atiku Tells Boko Haram

A former Vice-President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has urged members of the Boko Haram to embrace the opportunity offered for dialogue with the Federal Government in the interest of unity, stability and economic development of the country.

Abubakar made the call against the backdrop of renewed attacks by members of the sect in Jos and Gombe, which had led to scores of death over the weekend.

The former vice-president, who spoke on Monday in a statement by his Media Office in Abuja, said no one would take the group or its agenda seriously when it continued to remain faceless.

He said it was high time the group stepped out to articulate its grievances and thereby opening a window for dialogue.

He reiterated his earlier position that there could be no justification for the killings of Nigerians under any guise.

Abubakar decried the killings and destruction of property, noting that the activities of Boko Haram amounted to a declaration of war on the Nigerian state.

He said, “If Boko Haram and its leadership have something to say; if they have any grouse against the Nigerian state, the proper thing for them is to come out in flesh and state it, so that a process of dialogue that will eventually lead to the resolution of the crisis and the siege on Nigerians can commence in earnest.”

He expressed his condolences to the affected families and governments and people of Plateau and Gombe over the weekend killings in Jos and Gombe.


  1. Muideen Reply

    Federal government should find means to solve this problem without force.

  2. Babajulbe Reply

    I pray for God intervention in this matter

  3. Albatros Reply

    Please Wale! Guys like you, YES YOU WALE! Are as bad as Boko Haram because you are never ebojctive. Where the heck did you get this stupid notion that Boko haram are killing southerners in the north? What is it about this Boko Haram madness you fail to understand? Don’t you know that by far, majority of their victims are Muslims from the north? And if you are talking about terrorism in Muslim country alone then you need a serious lesson in history. Maybe 1st WW and 2nd WW where non Muslims killed themselves in millions can be our first topic.Please hold on to your not so intelligent comments to yourself, this is a platform where objectivity and intellect are welcomed, thank you.

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