Oprah Turns Violent In New Show (VIDEO)

Oprah Winfrey packs a punch in a skit on Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar show. Watch Oprah’s “Book Club Fight Club.”

Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel teamed up for an incredible series of sketches on Kimmel’s post-Oscar show Sunday night.

The overall premise showed Kimmel pitching Oprah with some new show ideas for her OWN network.

  1. Manon LaFrance Reply

    I think the extent of the violence in that sketch went way over board. I think it should have been cut after the first half. I was tryly desapointed.

  2. Bima Reply

    , I agree with her. In general, Americans tend to think that we ought to have ngtihs handed to us. What makes this so funny is that a right to an education IS handed to us on a silver platter. Education in the US is free from pre-K to 12 grade in every state. Yeah, yeah yeah some schools get better funding than others. Funding of schools is a problem but not one Oprah can fix (she doesn’t have that much money/influence). Bill Gates is trying to upgrade our system to make us more globally competitive (being the richest man alive should help open doors). But poor funding is not really an excuse for not learning. My mother grew up in segregated Alabama. She her school books were second hand and had the word colored stamped in them because at that time blacks were not allowed to go to white schools or get books from white libraries. However, she was still granted a Classic education including learning how to speak German. Even segregation did not stop her from going to school, paying attention in class, doing the assignments, or understanding that an education was a valuable to all people (despite, race, financial/social standing). We don’t even have this problem anymore and yet kids (from all races) seem to think education is a joke. Charity only works if the recipient is willing to accept it. The kids in South Africa are willing, we don’t seems to be. Oprah may retire from her show but she doesn’t strike me as the type to just sit back and chill. I suspect that if she retires, she will probably do more charity work than now. Kind of like Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanities. No matter where she lives (and she has houses everywhere) she will be still helping Children.

  3. Thomas Reply

    Well, fans(i am a fan of Britney,too), we have to wake up! She is NOT DANCING HARD, she is NOT SINGING LIVE here. So, what is she doing? Great show?-yeah, but it’s all about money. Two hirldcen?-JLO has two hirldcen,too.We have to admit, that Britney is only using her famous name to make money. She is a brand, and she sells. And while she sells, her producers and she will give us easy and so-not-important-about-one-night-love songs((

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