Stella Damascus, Jennifer Ogole And Gita Patel Become Women For Africa Ambassador

Top Nigerian actress Stella Damascus has been appointed one of the Women For Africa Ambassador. She was appointed alongside Uganda’s Jennifer Ogole and Kenya’s Gita Patel.

According to the highly revered actress “Every minute of everyday a woman somewhere is bringing another being into the world. She nurtures, guides, loves and comforts her family. Despite prejudices, she forges ahead, endures hardship drawing on her inner strength. Today she has attained heights that were previously thought to be impossible. I am proud to be an ambassador for ‘WOMEN FOR AFRICA’ and I celebrate the achievements of African Women around the world”.

Stella Damascus is the Managing Director of THE GIG FACTOR, (formerly known as the Synergy Band) which a purely entertainment and event consulting company which she started with the crop of multi-talented and professional music icons her conscientious but tireless late husband, Jaiyejeje left behind.

Gita was born in Kenya and takes a keen interest in the business development of women from the African Continent. She has vast experience in advising and championing initiatives for the economic empowerment of women in business internationally.

Jennifer is a social entrepreneur with a passion for young people and disadvantaged communities.

Women for Africa was birthed from a 20-year desire and passion to see women honoured and appreciated in a celebratory way.

“Everywhere you go in life you see women. Focused, driven, determined, ambitious, resourceful, passionate, talented, inspiring are just some of the characteristics that are embedded in these women”.

The maiden edition of ‘Women for Africa Awards’ will be held in London 0n 19th May 2012.It will see a number of women of African origin from the categories awarded for their hard work, efforts, contributions and achievements.

  1. Amarachi Reply

    Thanks 4 having the insight, and try to see that d aim of which u have been appointed, is actualize.

  2. Andre Reply

    , You set your standards too high . Voice B says, Men are iteamiditnd by you, learn how to let a man be a man , Voice C says, No man will meet your standards, you are living in a fairytale . These are statements that may be very unsettling for some of us who may have a no tolerance policy . Is there such thing as setting standards too high in regards to looking for a significant other? and if so, how do we (can we) lower our standards without changing who we are, what we accept, and what we believe in?I whole heartedly believe, as women climb those stairs of success educationally,financially,emotionally,et cetera, we develop a catch me if you can attitude when dating is concerned. In other words, if you want me, come and get me, ( this signifying he has to reach the same amount of success as she, and be strong in all areas) . this mechanism may not allow ALL men a chance. (including those men who may have skipped over the education stair, or fell down the financial stair) however they are capable of providing emotional love and support. How can we as women, continue to climb those stairs of success, without excluding the men who lack in some areas, but are strong in other areas? The response posted above states, When you are more spiritual about your mate, material things like his income, his education level and his ethnicity and color will not matter .Valid statement, however, society may not see the spirituality,sincerity, and authenticity behind a women confiding in a man who may not appear to obtain, or maintain corresponding success How do we deal with this matter of needing to have something(someone) to show and prove? .

  3. Carmen Reply

    Never having been to Africa, I can only agimine what the saying means to Africans, but, to me it addresses the universal need to reframe and find meaning in the hard times and to engage in and relish the good moments. Healing, healthy laughter can used to accomplish either goal.

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