Nigeria, Cameroon Sign Agreement On Border Security, Piracy

The Federal Government on Tuesday signed a bilateral agreement with the Republic of Cameroon to establish a trans-border security committee as part of measures to further deny insurgents and criminal elements easy access through the nation’s land border.

Members of the terrorist group, Boko Haram, have been moving to Cameroon and other neighbouring countries to hide after perpetuating deadly attacks in the northern parts of Nigeria.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Olugbenga Ashiru, who signed the agreement on behalf of the Federal Government said the move was timely as it happened at a period when the world is fighting terrorism and piracy.

He said: “There is no region that is immune to the heinous activities of terrorist groups and pirates.

“The United Nations and the African Union have led the international and regional initiatives to combat these challenges.”

The agreement, Ashiru said, would constitute a major bilateral initiative aimed at strengthening security along both countries’ borders.

“Nigeria is committed to its full implementation and realisation of its objectives in the interest of the progress, peace and security of the people of our two countries.”

The Vice-Prime Minister and Minister Delegate of the Presidency of Cameroon, Amadou Ali, who signed for the Cameroonian government, said the agreement showed that confidence has been restored through permanent dialogue, consultation and reinforcement of cooperation between Cameroon and Nigeria.

He said: “The construction of a trans-border road, electricity interconnection project and cultural exchange not only portray the will and determination of the two heads of state but also pave ways for citizens to strengthen the unity.”

He described the agreement as a demonstration of the countries’ common faith and confidence in the future.

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