VIDEO : “If Nigeria Will Break, Let It Break!” – Bishop Oyedepo

In this video by Sahara Reporters, Bishop Oyedepo declares that marriage is not by force and if the nation will break let it break.

Source: Sahara Reporters

  1. Abubakar Musa Abba Reply

    who do u tink pple u are! let it break, who is at the back? since we know we hold the truth let it break and see who go suffer. i persenally happy 2c dat happen. useless oyudepo we know u are among dose pple boko haram, daz y u pple created it in the northern part of nigeria just bcos u want it 2break.

    • kolawole olatunde Reply

      Abubakar be mindful of your statement. Bishop was very right on his comment; lives are being lost on daily basis, i mean innocent lives most especially Christians’ lives.

      • opeyemi ajiboye chukwudi Reply

        Real men of God don’t stoke the embers of disunity nd conflict.They do not seek to establish a preeminence of wordly allure over heavenly righteousness.This is d same man dt assaulted a 13yr girl in the name of extracting a confession rgt b4 the view of several thousands of congregation members.Inequality and social injustice is nt domiciled in the north,it rages with equal ferrocity in the south,and clergy men are at the bottom of it all….Let Nigerian Christians of virtuos mind decipher the fox from d shepherd

  2. Saliu Onimisi Reply

    Ojukwu faught to separate Nigeria because of injustices but he never won the war, since then the unity of Nigeria has never brought any good for how long will you try to live with a husband that keeps on killing every child you deliver. As Bishop Oyedepo said marriage is not by force.

    And Abubakar Musa Abba mind the way you talk or you will curse yourself without knowing. You better appologise for that statement you made.

  3. Samuel Ugwi Reply

    It’s a shame dat som1 held in high regards culd say such a thin like dis.I’m a christian but i dont share de pastor’s view.Dis only show dat our religious institutions hav faild,bcos instead of helpin matters,dey turn us against ourselves.U can imagine som wil even tel u urGrandMother’s a witch or 1 of urFamily memba’s or urNeighbour is against u&makin u pray 4death 4ur enemies.U shuld be preachin unity&love like de Jesus dey claim 2be emulatin did even wen he was goin 2be killd he neva turnd violent or lost focus.Nigeria can neva be divided bcos we’re so interconnected.We can try,but it will all be a waste of time,effort,lives&resources.Mark dis down i said it.

  4. OLUWATOMI Reply

    Abubakar Musa Abba still lives in limbo.Clueless.Nigeria as a nation is at term, she ll soon deliver her postdated twin pregnancy(Northern nigeria and Southern Nigeria(NEW NIGERIA).

  5. Ayinde olusegun Reply

    God is watching both the foolish and the wise.

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