Nigerian Kid Breaks GCE Maths Record In Britain

Secondary schools in United Kingdom are in tough fight over who will enroll a Nigerian 10-year-old Maths Guru.

The Nigerian prodigy, Master Israel Nwisi was six when he passed London GCE in maths.

Israel has already been offered four top secondary school places in the United Kingdom and scores of other colleges are still scrambling for him to join them, while thousands of children and their parents are still shuttling to get one.

Master Nwisu shared the secrets of his fit with us, ” I was inspired by twins Peter and Paula Imafidon, who took GCSEs at six and who also passed AS-level maths aged seven. Every Saturday we went to this church in Deptford where everyone played with numbers for two hours. I met Peter there and we played against each other. I am getting better all the time but Peter is champion. He keeps winning timestable games.”

The Nigerian twins, Peter and Paula Imafidon are from the famous ‘British brainiest family’, who hold records on Guinness book by passing A-L Mathematics and Computers at various age categories and been admitted to Elite Universities in the world at tender age.

Source: Naijanedu

  1. Rita Jev Reply

    Wonderful, this is what it should be. At least Nigerians can be proudly spoken about in the outside world. Proud of you dude. The sky is your stepping stone! Wow

  2. Rita Jev Reply

    Wow, so proud of you boy. Ride on.

  3. Okesola kiel Reply

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  4. Okesola kiel Reply

    Hor-k-sho-lar kiel also a computer litrate,a striking footballer that scores goals

  5. logan Reply

    this kid is such a genius he passed a gce test in math at the age of six i will!!!!! like to be like him when i was six bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. logan Reply

    kid you are a record breaker not a person in the world has ever done what you just did ride on kid keep going and never give up on your dreams if you fall once just get up again and ride on.

  7. sani sulayman id Reply

    there is no doubt nigerians re great creatures.i luv this thumbs up for u.

  8. Ihuaku Reply

    Waow, this is awesome! Well done Israel, keep d flag flying & keep making us proud.

  9. Idimogu Uchenna Reply

    Incredible feat for our country child.Parents should,beyond sending their kids to school,also create avenues for them to get inspired by something really worthwhile.

  10. Okesola Ezekiel (kiel) Reply

    Okesola Ezekiel is now a learner in rapping and now good in singing

  11. israel nwisi Reply

    Wow thanks for the support
    I never thought I’d meet so many people like you
    Thanks for being yourselves and for being so supportive
    Remember that none can tell I that.u can’t do something cuz u can
    Bye 🙂 🙂

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