Nigerians Urge Adeboye To Be More Outspoken On National Issues

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has been urged to use his vantage position to foster national unity and lead the crusade against corrupt leaders.

This forms the thrust of comments of Nigerians from all walks of life on Adeboye’s life as he turns 70 this weekend.

While felicitating with him on the auspicious occasion, they said Adeboye should use his position in tackling national issues for the common good.

“He should look beyond the RCCG and foster the unity in the body of Christ, which is currently fragmented,” the President, Eclectic Network, Rev. Moses Iloh, said.

He described Adeboye as an epitome of God’s abundant grace, which is manifest in his work at the RCCG, and urged him to be more outspoken on national issues.

The immediate past General Overseer, Foursquare Gospel Church, Rev. Wilson Badejo, said that Adeboye’s contribution to the Christian body in the past 15 years had been unprecedented.

He said because of his rare personality, he had been able to penetrate the high and low, thus urging him to direct that virtue towards a better impact on the leadership class in Nigeria.

“Adeboye is an enigma that is well respected by Christians and people of other faiths worldwide. I am elated by his simple approach to the gospel.

“As a respected citizen of Nigeria, we look up to him to make more positive impact on issues of national importance,” he said.

The Executive Director, MicroStart Global Resources Ltd, Mr. Charles Oladimeji, described Adeboye as a legend and icon of prestige in the Christian circle and beyond.

He said the cleric’s contributions in Nigeria would not be forgotten in a hurry, but urged him to consolidate on his good work as he clocks 70.

He said, “As a father figure, we expect him to, at this age, apply the wisdom God has bestowed on him to bring unity to the Nigerian nation, even in the current face of disunity and terrorism.

“There is a proliferation of churches in Nigeria, but there is little impact to match it; we expect him to help to preserve the values to bind us together as a people far beyond religious and ethnical biases.”

A financial consultant, Mr. Sunny Oroge, wants Adeboye to improve on his rare mentoring ability to help people in the political class to understand the worth of integrity in service.

“There is no doubt that our leaders need some form of mentoring. Having managed a large congregation so well, I believe Adeboye has skills to transfer to our leaders by organising a forum with and for them,” he said.

President, Global Harvest Church, Pastor Victor Adeyemi, said Adeboye should encourage Nigerian leaders to cultivate exemplary and sacrificial lifestyle in the interest of the public.

He said the cleric should use his fatherly position to speak out clearly on national issues when required.

“He has conducted himself as a leader with integrity and excellent character. His voice is reckoned with in Nigeria’s leadership class. He should be more vocal on national issues in the interest of the poor and down-trodden Nigerians,” he said.


  1. Ok Reply

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  2. Mhemad Reply

    Great write up sadly you have brought up front a topic most Nigerians rfeuse to discuss and to a large extent deny its existence. Yes, Nigerians are seemingly peaceful and happy people and are not capable of the kind of terrorism that has initiated many wars. But we forget many instances in Nigeria that has resulted in tribal or religious wars/conflicts that is now defined in the western world today as homegrown terrorism .Now that a new kind of war (terrorism) is popular and has flourished in the world forgive me to say, it has given conflict minded Nigerians new ideas on how to carry out violent intentionsYou know, for a very long time now the issue of terrorism and Nigerians has bothered me. Nigerians are easily influenced by the ways of the world and frankly if we think there are no Nigerian terrorists, we need to think again. Especially with the heightened and popular MEND activities in the Niger-Delta. I must confess that my greatest fear is hearing that one of the major oil wells has been blown up (e.g. bonny facility). Its not something I pray for or even want to happen but as each kidnapping incident is reported from the Niger-Delta and with the Govt. pretending not to notice (well at least on the international front, I haven’t heard of any concrete Govt. work or initiatives being done to eradicate or reduce MEND activities ), it isn’t far fetched that MEND or even some other group would go a step further (and alas, we haven’t even considered the Fundamental Religious Northerners!)Yes, Nigeria is a breeding ground for terrorism. In every sector there’s room to grow terrorists: political, religion, culture, economics, wealth; we just have too many issues that are not being taken care of by the Govt. For years the common man has been pushed to the wall one too many times, and he’s fighting back now (MEND). There’s a new style in town to get your issues noticed and it isn’t rioting its TERRORISMAgain I don’t pray for it but I wouldn’t be surprised if some places begin to go BOOM

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