Nigeria: Muslims ‘Shocked’ Over Mosque Demolitions

(Premium Times) – Some Muslim civil servants at the Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa, on Monday, expressed disappointment with Babatunde Fashola, the state governor, over the demolition of mosques within the secretariat.

The demolition, which was done over the weekend, was sequel to an order given by Mr. Fashola, who is also a Muslim, two weeks ago which placed a ban on all religious activities within the secretariat.

The mosques pulled down include the one behind the Deputy Governor’s office as well as the one attached to the Ministry of Justice.

“We now have to go across the road, outside the secretariat, every time we want to pray,” said a civil servant at the Ministry of Finance.

It was gathered that the demolition was carried out over the weekend to avoid violent reactions from the Muslim community.

Civil servants who pray at the mosques were shocked on Monday when they arrived for prayers only to discover that the temporary structure had been reduced to rubble.

A senior government official said that the ban on religious activities was for “security reasons.”

“There was a ban on religious activities within the secretariat based on security reports that the step would strengthen the security within the secretariat in view of the recent bomb blasts across the country,” said the official who did not want to be named.

According to the official, all Muslims are expected to go to the Lagos State Secretariat Mosque, Alausa, for their prayers.

By Premium Times

  1. Suleman Abdul Reply

    Putting bullet proof doors in ur houses, re-enforcement of security, buying bullet proof cars, destryng of mosques are all the solution. The only solution is that u have to help the affected areas with all necessary things to fish themselves out of this disaster.

  2. Suleman Abdul Reply

    I dont see no reason why a dog will be runing away from sallah day (Eid Elkabir) Scrifice becouse it is ram they are looking for. So fashola has to be calm becouse all these BH activities are not meant to destroy anybody rather than north but, all i know is that evil has life span and will one day collapse and judge itself.

  3. Sammyx Reply

    All is well

    • Auth Reply

      I will be there at Charing Cross on Friday 6th January. Fellow Nigerians, please let us play our part in manikg Nigeria a better Nation, a nation where the leaders are accountable and resources are used effectively to improve the quality of life for everyone. We cannot just be praying, we need to keep informed and take decisive but peaceful actions in order to bring about posited ve changes.

  4. Luisa Reply

    , “Confusion break bone…” @ Plastiq: You hit the nail on the head. Credibility. I have been working on posts reairdgng the re-branding issue, and even though I feel that re-branding has some potential, I cannot ignore the sever problems that are of far more significance. Thank you so much for stopping by. BTW, your site WErunthings is looking very good! Keep up the good work. I think I will send you an email…@ Dany: “Wonder what the law says as to the legality of all the other elections in view of the ‘illegality’ of the position of the Chairman..”And, therein lies the question. What i can’t believe is that the various lawyers that worked on appealing the last presidential and various state and national assembly elections missed this! Congrats to ThisDay for doing some real journalism.I wouldn’t count on the constitution given much help on this one, Danny. I have read that constitution far too many times, and I don’t like it at all.@ 9ja_kuti: Ol’boy, we have lost our minds already. naija wahala is so much that it is hard to focus on any one issue for a long enough to get a solid grasp on it. Just when you think you can, something stinks up the milk. How far?@ Imnakoya: Thanks for pointing that out. I read that report some time ago and shook my head. however, that was before this revelation about Iwu’s tenure. What remains to be seen is if Nigerians themselves will take up this matter. I know NVS tried their hardest before, this could be additional ammunition, but when the House won’t even debate the power probe report, what can we expect?I just wonder if this is the right battle to take up at this time in the war against naija wahala. Any thoughts?@ Stanis: I don’t blame you. But when you are done laughing and can digest this issue, I hope you will get raving mad and will want some change enough to do something about it, my broda. How you dey?@ webround: Iwu’s commissioner tenure ended in 2008. His Chairmanship was never confirmed by the NASS as is required by the COnstitution to make it legal. Therefore, Iwu’s Chairmanship is unconstitutional, illegal and should cast an even greater shadow on the election of Yardy.The issue is will this simple issue be explained to the Nigerian public and will they get mad, being that they have been duped AGAIN? Anyone have any thoughts?@ Ms. emmotions: For years, people have been saying that Nigeria is hanging on a precipice. I personally believe that we are hanging anymore. We are more likely grabbing on to the edge with our finger nails.I have advocated repeatedly that we Nigerians have to wake up. The games being played at our expense are inexcusable. I know someone will read this and misinterpret my meaning and intentions – but, when are Nigerians going to get upset? I can’t be upset for the whole country, nor can you or any other person. When will Nigerians say they have had enough? I am still waiting,. And, I am hoping that the anger will happen early and in a way that allows for relatively peaceful remedy because if not….

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