Pictures: Richest Countries In The World – Forbes

#1 Qatar: GDP (PPP) per capita: $88,222 (estimated from 2009)

#2 Luxembourg: GDP (PPP) per capita: $81,466

#3 Singapore: GDP (PPP) per capita: $56,694 (estimated from 2009)

#4 Norway: GDP (PPP) per capita: $51,959 (estimated from 2009)

#5 Brunei: GDP (PPP) per capita: $48,333

#6 United Arab Emirates: GDP (PPP) per capita: $47,439 (estimated from 2009)

#7 United States: GDP (PPP) per capita: $46,860

#8 Hong Kong: GDP (PPP) per capita: $45,944

#9 Switzerland: GDP (PPP) per capita: $41,950

#10 Netherlands: GDP (PPP) per capita: $40,973

#11 Australia: GDP (PPP) per capita: $39,764

#12 Austria: GDP (PPP) per capita: $39,761

#13 Ireland: GDP (PPP) per capita: $39,492

#14 Canada: GDP (PPP) per capita: $39,171

#15 Kuwait: GDP (PPP) per capita: $38,775 (estimated from 2009)

Source: Forbes

  1. Oscar Akom Reply

    That money belong to only 1 senetor in nig, not talking of governor who is controling allocation. Shame to nig

  2. Elmore Reply

    The author (Finnegan) notes the yen is up 65 prenect against the dollar in this period. Exchange rates can play havoc with “real output” caculations. Had the yen not appreciated, you would see huge declines in “real output” as measured in dollars. Also, if things are so great in Japan, why has the Nikkei Dow lost 75 prenect of its value in the last 20 years, and property markets roughly the same? Why are wages down over the last 20 years?Even the inefficient and socialized nations of Europe are passing Japan by. Japan has been suffocated by the monetary noose strung up by the Bank of Japan. They are yet deflating as we speak, and bond traders expect another eight years of deflation, minimum. Meanwhile, South Korea and China has been roaring ahead. Japan is becoming a backwater nation.

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