Pictures: Ghana’s 55th Independence Day Celebration

Fireworks display shortly after midnight lit up the sky

Colourful parade

Independence parade

Colourful parade

Colourful parade

Independence parade

President Mill addressing the gathering

President Mills and dignitaries


Independence celebration

Former President John Kufuor lit the independence flame

Ghana's independence celebration

  1. audrey Reply

    am proud to be a ghanaian

  2. kwame teee Reply

    am sorry some of the pictures are misleading. why post old pictures when there are very new and beautiful once.

  3. Kwame Amoh Reply

    God help Ghana……..

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Ghana will retire in two years time and we can’t boast of any thing. All what we have are Dumsor, poor roads, bloated payroll, recruitment fraud and greedy bustards. God save Ama Ghana

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