Nigeria: CBN Governor, Mallam Sanusi Is A Terrorist – Hon. Goni Lawan

A member House of Representative from Yobe State, Mr. Goni Lawan, has described Sanusi’s donation of N100m and N25m to Kano and Madalla bomb blast victims respectively as “an act of terrorism.”

Hon. Goni Lawan said that “when I first heard of the action of the CBN governor, I was surprised. I asked whether Yobe and Borno states were not parts of Nigeria, as these attacks took place there first.”

“There was a time during the General Ibrahim Babangida (rtd.) era when there was a coup (Gideon Orkar coup) and they said some of us were excised from Nigeria.

“So, I had to check the 1999 Constitution again to be sure that Yobe and Borno were still parts of Nigeria.”

“This action by the CBN governor is an act of terrorism; in fact, he is a terrorist. Sanusi is causing confusion in this country. Up till today, Yobe and Borno states have not received any assistance from the Federal Government on this issue of attacks.”

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