Student Who ‘Facebooked’ To Death

Taylor Sauer, 18, a University student died after slamming her car into another vehicle at 80mph, while updating her Facebook status in Idaho. Sauer, who was texting every 90 seconds during her four hour commute from Utah State University to her parents’ home on January 14th, last texted, “Driving and facebooking is not safe! Haha”. Seconds later, she slammed into a tanker truck at 80mph.

Sauer was texting on the long drive to her parents’ house to “stay awake”, her father Clay told The Today Show, adding, “but that’s not a reason to do it”.

She was driving late at night down a stretch of flat highway, and was messaging her friend on Facebook about the Denver Broncos football team.

Sauer’s last message read:

“I can’t discuss this now. Driving and facebooking is not safe! Haha”.

Moments later, Sauer slammed into a truck that was crawling up a hill. She was killed instantly.

Sauer’s parents said most teens think they’re invincible and is calling for a bill that would ban texting in Idaho, which is one of 13 states which hasn’t made it illegal.

May her soul rest in peace…

  1. ife ooo Reply

    Am sure if she has anoda chance at life she wud be the first to paSs that bill in idaho,RIP

  2. Shola ikupolati Reply

    May are soul rest in perfect peace

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