Pastor E.A Adeboye’s Blessings To His Children

Today I am seventy years old, I think am old enough to be called Daddy and the first thing I want to do tonight, is that I want to give a father’s blessings to all those who call me daddy. So whether you are here or you are watching anywhere in the world; either by television, by internet or radio, if you regard me as your daddy, stand on your feet and let your amen be loud and clear.

My father and my God, the father of all fathers, thank you that at last, I can stand boldly as a father to all these your children and it is in your name that I am blessing them tonight. Every one of you who regard me as your daddy, you shall be blessed.

My God will take you higher than your dreams in Jesus name, because my God will fight for you, you will enjoy victory without a fight, because My God will promote you; you will enjoy success without a sweat.

Because my God is the controller of heaven and earth; I decree from this moment, all the powers in heaven, will come to your assistance.

The resources of the earth will flow into you, beginning from this moment; helpers will seek you out to help you. Because my father in heaven will build a shield over you; destroyers will never come near your home again, because my God is the great provider; your hands will never be empty again, as there is water in the ocean, your anointing will never run dry.

As long as morning follows the night; you will enjoy the mercies of the Almighty God. My Father in heaven the one who is the God that is more than enough, will from now on see to it that your joy will overflow.

Beginning from tonight, when you knock one door, seven will be open unto you. Any obstacles that the enemy may want to put in your way will become stepping stone to glory in Jesus name. Wherever you turn; you will find favor with God and favor with men and your children will be greater than you.

The Almighty God that I serve will answer all your prayers from now on. So shall it be in Jesus mighty name of Jesus I pray.

  1. Yomi Omolawon Reply

    Amen In the Mighty Name of Jesus Daddy

  2. Akintayo Aishat Olabisi Reply

    Amen daddy, u wil forever be blessed in Jesus Name. AMEN

  3. Alebiosu Florence Atinuke Reply

    And so it is in Jesus’name.Congratulations Daddy.

  4. Yemisi Olaoye Reply

    Daddy l say Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! In Jesus mighty name.

  5. Yemisi Olaoye Reply


    • Yemisi Olaoye Reply

      Congratulations Daddy.

  6. Ethel Kumwenda Reply

    Be it unto me Lord according to these declarations in Jesus Name Amen

  7. Ethel Kumwenda Reply

    Amen Lord I receive it all. Be it unto me according to your word o God!

  8. UntitledJohn Reply


  9. Mr john Augustine Reply

    I receives it all in the Name of Jesus. Amen

  10. Bukola Reply

    I receive it for me and my family in Jesus mighty name.
    Thanks Daddy Adeboye.

  11. Salau Reply

    Amen I receive it in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

  12. manuwuba emmanuel Reply

    Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! Amen!!!! Amen!!!!! Amen!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!

  13. taiwo daranijo Reply

    Amen in jesus name

  14. olofinte ajibola Reply

    I receive it in dei mighty name of jesus

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Amen I receive it in JESUS MIGHTY NAME….AMEN

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