Nigeria: Maiduguri Women Protest Over Boko Haram

Some women on Friday took to the streets in Maiduguri, Borno State, protesting against the unrestrained excessive killings and destruction of public properties by the Boko Haram fundamentalist sect.

The women, under the aegis of Concerned Mothers of Borno, comprising both Christians and Muslims, also begged the group to sheath their swords and discuss with government, in view of the number of people currently roaming the streets as a result of the burning of their schools and the death of their bread winners.

Speaking to journalists amidst tears, the women appealed to Boko Haram members to sheathe their swords and embrace peace.

Hajia Hawau Biu, one of the conveners of the meeting, who is also a widow, called on men of the Joint Task Force (JTF) to exercise restraint in performing their duties, and appealed to the state government to provide jobs for the hordes of unemployed youths.

“I want to appeal to both the federal and state government to treat everybody equally, particularly the youths without jobs; while the JTF should do their work of protecting lives and properties instead of harassing people, especially young girls,” she pleaded. “The aggrieved youths should come out and state their grievances instead of burning down schools.”

“My sons, I have been begging you since in silence to come out and state your grievances and stop destroying your homeland. Please come out and state your grievances and stop these killings,” she said tearfully.

  1. Vineesh Reply

    god help us and help them. But i dont this human beings will just wake up one day and just say that what he want to take as his ccaupotion is killing inncent souls all round the country. I dont why they are so eager on having avenges even they if say they are fighting 4 a particular reason, thus that reason encourages them on taking revenges even wrongly. Only god can help us in this country.

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