The Man Who Has Given Birth Three Times (PHOTOS)

Like all three-year-olds, Susan Beatie is fascinated by animals. She wants to be a vet — maybe even a vet and a princess — when she grows up.

At bedtime, she loves to climb onto her father’s knee and demand a story about a hungry caterpillar, a greedy bee or a snail sailing away on the tail of a whale.

But the book she loves most is Mister Seahorse, which explains how male seahorses become ‘pregnant’.

A quirky choice for a child, you might think, but entirely understandable given that this story has been used to explain to Susan the inexplicable: how she came to be.

‘It’s her favourite bedtime story,’ says her father Thomas, 38. ‘I tell her that’s what I did: I carried her in my tummy like Mr Seahorse, and she gets it.

‘She doesn’t think there is anything weird about it. There is a photograph of me pregnant, and she points to it all the time, saying: “Daddy, Daddy, I’m inside and I got bigger and bigger, and then I had to come out.” ’

It may sound like a particularly strange sort of fairy tale, but the story Thomas has told his daughter about her arrival in this world is true. The slightly-built martial arts instructor made history as the first ‘man’ in the world to give birth.

Of course, as Susan will doubtless discover one day, there was nothing natural about it. Male seahorses are genetically able to carry embryos: Thomas’s pregnancy was possible only because he was born female.

He was in his 20s when he underwent a sex change and became a man. He never took the final step of having a hysterectomy.

  1. Tella Reply

    How 4m were did the baby come out?

    • issata Reply

      omg never seen a man give birth 2 babies hey if youre reading dis m8 and u r 2 young im caling police! and u will give birth!! 😀 lol

    • Anonymous Reply

      Come on “Tella”….this baby came out of this “so called” man’s vagina..therefore this “he” is a “she” trying to make money off of this total LIE!This man is just a woman who had her breasts removed then called herself a “he” after taking hormones in order to grow a mustache, etc.. to look like a man! There’s no story here! This is simply a woman who’s lying to try and confuse people in order to get rich! God DID NOT give men
      the anatomy to carry or give birth, PERIOD! SEAHORSES ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN A FROG..doesn’t mean ANY mammal or human was ever created homosexual!

  2. Ugwi Samuel Reply

    You can’t call her a man bcos she was born a female & den went tru an operation dat’s calld female transexual male 2 be com a man, which make her hav de appearance of a man but internally she’s a woman havin a womb,internal system&de brain arrangement of a woman. So wat do u expect.

  3. Sanford Zorko Reply

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  4. Anonymous Reply


  5. Anonymous Reply

    Probably one of the most gross & no doubt most disgusting lie I’ve ever seen! This whole story is total BS! First off, this creep was born female then had a sex change so therefore “it” had the female anatomy that allowed “it” to carry a child & give birth, which makes this so called “first
    man ever to give birth” a total lie!” THIS STORY IS JUST BS & DISGUSTINGLY DISTURBING!!!

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Peggy Foust 10/07/16 How gross! Lying transsexual gives birth out of her vagina and people who are ignorant enough to believe to her BS story needs to realize the truth, which is, a woman had her breasts cut off, she kept her female anatomy, including her vagina, which is how “it” was able to get pregnant
    carry a child, and give birth!So
    this story is a lie! No man will ever give birth because God made woman to give birth! This “he” is a she, plain & simple! Disgusting

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