10-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth (PHOTO)

Gladys Chelagat, a Kenyan girl, has become a mother at the age of just 10, according to reports.

She gave birth by Caesarean section to a baby weighing 2.8kg at Kericho district hospital.

Who would have done such evil to the innocent 10-year-old girl?

Also in Mexico, a 10-year-old girl gave birth to a premature baby boy by Caesarian section at 31 weeks.

The girl arrived at the Women’s Hospital in the city of Puebla suffering from life-threatening complications, including seizures, as a result of the pregnancy. The infant was in poor shape as well — born at just 3.3 pounds and currently recovering from pneumonia.

A pregnancy at such a young age raises many red flags. The Puebla state Attorney General’s office is now investigating who the father is and whether the girl was raped.

Can a Child Consent to Sex?

At just 10 years old, many would argue that a child cannot consent to sex. At such a young age, a girl is not in a position to fully understand their actions, making it impossible for them to meaningfully agree to engage in any type of sexual activity.

In the United States, most states set the age of consent, the age at which an individual can legally consent to sexual intercourse under any circumstance, at 16 years old. In Puebla, the age of consent is 12 years old.

Consequences of Child Labor

In addition to the extensive emotional trauma that sexual abuse and a pregnancy at such a young age can cause, there are also very severe health risks — some fatal. Mothers under 16 years old are actually four times more likely to die during childbirth.

In addition, young moms are more susceptible to developing anemia, postpartum hemorrhage, depression and other mental disorders. Given the difficulty of child birth on a body that is not fully developed, minors also make up 65% of the women who develop an obstetric fistula, a condition in which a hole develops in the birth canal, causing an uncontrollable leakage of urine and feces into the vagina.

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  1. Laraba ishaku Reply

    Sister,is too early for u to give birth,God wil punished the person that did this evil thing to u.

  2. Danjuma Babaji Zailani Reply

    Subhanallah!!!where are these so-called human right activists? that threaten Muslims marrying out their daughters at 15 years, now look at what happen, we need to hear your comment on this dirty act.if the is married at the age of 15, the husband must definately know how to take care of her, May Allah subhanahu wata’ala deliver us from these consipracies.

  3. Moses Omeiza Reply

    Unbelievable, and who on earth have committed this atrocity with this innocent girl. May God help us.

  4. Kankia Reply

    Kai wallihi i no go supriz e don tey wey ppl of my cntry ma dey chezz 3yr oldgrl d only way 2xcafe is 2kol Allah’s protection whch is as in d book of sunnah “kalu inna lil lahi wa’inna ilaihir raji’u”wiz some of dis related prayer.

  5. funmi Reply

    This is so outrageus and cruel. ven the 10yr old mother is a child. Signs of the end time?

  6. ummy yusuf Reply

    Its normal 4 a 10yrold grl 2 ve a pregnant if shez married

  7. Daniel Chege Reply

    That is a shame for someone to take advantage of a 10 year old girl, and get her pregnant, they need to be in jail, and the Kenyan government should do more for kids who get molested at a young age. Educate these kids early to stay away from pedephiles and incestful family members !!!

  8. taiwo Reply

    If u are nt yet given ur life 2 christ pls u better do nw becose dis is one of d evidence that christ is coming very,very soon. sooner than u expect may God help us and b with d child.(Amen)

  9. Moshood jumoke janet Reply

    Only God knows where dis lyfe is headin to, imagine a ten years old givin birth to a child, only God Almighty knows d fool dat put dis little girl in a family way, my prayer 4 dis young girl is dat may God giv her d strenght 2 take care of her new born baby, Hoo!! God of mercy av mercy on all our female children & over us in dis world.

  10. Fatima Reply

    Prayers r needed, our children culd b victims! We pray to God to protect us against such acts. May she ve d ability of raisin d child.

  11. suliylo Reply

    with Allah everything are possible so I wish her happy pious motherhood life may Allah protect you both amin

  12. Tiamiyu Hayjay Reply

    There are so many signs around us to show how wonderful HE (ALLAH S.W.T) is. This is just one of HIS numerous inexhaustible wonders. Yes, we may say its one of the signs of ‘wal-ashri’ ‘evening time’ translated as end of the world. Nevertheless, hypocrisy is what is killing the world today. Who among us wants to claim ignorance of the fact that in per second rating, the world keeps deteriorating in the area of sex? Now that a father goes into bed with his own daughter; brothers and sisters of the same parent are impregnating each other; …..
    We all need to be watchful of what happen in our various homes and neighbourhood.

  13. Mustapha Reply

    As a muslim nothing to say but SUBUHANALLAH.

    • Ali Reply

      Don’t bring Allah into this, it is the handi work of Satan.

  14. Truth said Reply

    They should begin to cut such peoples balls off or their talantos. then leave them to wallow in such pain. bet you, no soul will DARE it again

  15. mutai Reply

    that’s a wake up call for the state of puebla to raise the age of consent to atleast >15.otherwise, may the almighty GOD intervene.

  16. Bakon Reply

    Hmm.the world is going to an end sooner.this is an omen.

  17. Anonymous Reply

    oh my God, Jesus Christ if nazaret come to save your people from all this evil doing, the person who did this to a ten years olg girl has sinned, I doubt that his sin will be pardoned

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