Angry South Africans React To Govt’s Apology To Nigeria

Following the recent apology by the South African government to Nigeria for deporting 125 Nigerian nationals from the Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, angry and dissatisfied with the decision, South Africans took to a popular news website in South Africa to rant about their government’s decision to apologise to Nigerians.

Below are some of the comments of some South Africans:

I don’t feel sorry for those bastard Nigerians : actually we hv to longe attack on them insteed they apologised: pathethic: pela our government is useless when it comes to international matters.

witklaps: “exactly, the sa-gove are a bunch pu’**y’s
and a bunch bullies punching way above their IQ weight. nigeria -1 s/africa 0”

Let’s remove Zomeeer now gud people !

RobinH: Samsung: Inane talk of attacking people is just so useless. Helps no-one.

Crown: What the F@%K! Sorry for what? For protecting our health? I thought that was the best thing to do in the first place.

DJWinner: “Biggest mistake this government has ever made. We must organize a strike for this….”

Gosh whats wrong with this country!!!!! is the government really blind to the malady that these foreigners are causing???? must SA always be begging? who’s apologising for the whole nation of Nigerians that is here ruining our country? just west street kempton park alone its lagos!!!….really whats wrong with this government??!!??!! its quite clear we must be Africa’s playground ende makwerekwere a a bona are so bloody rude and ungrateful!! we are truly a laughing stock………..i’ve always voted ANC and bcoz i’ll never vote another party i will never vote again to have such a weak government that cant take a stand nxah!!!…

Theres just no hole big enough for me to hide my embarrassment, its official, our government is privatised and hell of a p#ssy.


Do you realise that this stupid minister is putting Nigeria at risk too?
They are currently an ‘at risk’ country but if they start allowing people to wonder in and out without a yellow fever certificate, they could easily become an ‘active risk’ country. A fake certificate doesn’t protect you from a disease

There’s no logic in this.. why apologise_when these people had used fake documents..? hhhh jeeer


You guys should step your games up and stop the XENOPHOBIA on Nigeria….the country that supported you financially non stop during apartheid….the country that refused the European boycott and continuosly supplied oil to you during apartheid, the country that have doctors and other professionals saving your HIV stricken nation from more deaths….Mko Abiola and other Nigerian billionaires and Nigerian Government on a constant basis supported SA financially during apartheid, except for Ghadaffi of Libya…all other African nations deserted you during apartheid….DSTV, MTN are one of the many South African countries that are making more profits than Nigerian companies in Nigeria and more they can ever imagine of making in South Africa ….Nigeria is South Africa’s number one market for private jet servicing companies..Forget the hooligans on your streets who call themselves Nigerians and who are still better than South African gangsters who rob their own…..take it or leave it….Nigeria is on the verge of becoming Africas largest economy….Africa’s largest producer and exporter of oil…Africas largest exporter of intellects , professionals, entertainers, sports men, World’s richest black (Aliko Dangote) and if you are still ignorant then ask your Gov to educate you bcos they know they tend to loose more afterall if Nigeria decides to start a HIV clearance at its airport, I wonder how many of the so called South African expatriates that troop into Nigeria on a daily basis that can actually come in without a fake clearance…your Government have apologized on your behalf …so why don’t you guys quit crying , get off the computer and face reality…Nigeria owns SA..


Sh1tfacesamsung: 9jaboy SA is better starve to death than to keep nigerian for that sake: we DON”T need nigerians that’s all

Tzozzo: @ 9jaBoy
Still dreaming of becoming Africa’s largest economy ? South Africa has always been one and remain one until Badluck Jonathan agrees to Boko Haram’s call to make your shi*t country a muslim state..hahahahahahhahahah.

As for your comical statement that Nigeria owns SA I can only conclude that you are not only a seller of cocaine but a user as well. That is cocaine induced delusions of grandeur.

Or did you mean to say Nigerian pimps own SA dope addicts maybe…….

Msola321: “@9jaboy you and your brothers are the one who bringing these diseases in here”

Here is the link to the South African site: Sowetanlive

  1. Lovelyify Reply

    U south africans are a bunch of ingrates tryn 2bite d finger dat feeds u.tank God ur govt knos beta.we may fights ourselves here in nigeria,bt wen an intruder tries 2fight us then ul see hw united nigerians can b against an enemy country like urs.wat u guys saw was jus a tip of d iceberg.if u wnt 2kno our true color,jus bring it on…jus dare 2deport one more person frm nigeria!

  2. Jim Reply

    Ha ha ha SA a country that is full of HiV is de porting nigerians. Shame on them

  3. ugo Reply

    South Africa and Nigeria are brothers! is it a big problem to apologise to one’s own brother? We as individuals must learn to manage our relationships . SA did not loose one hair off its skin by doing that apology. SA is a country of very very resonable people and people and would prefer to apologise than to loose a brother. God bless SA and God bless Nigeria too! Amen!

  4. Lawson bangis ishidi Reply

    Nigeria is very far on wht u are thinking. 9ja remain d best nation in africa.

  5. Seun Reply

    U guys are reli ingrates(S.A).

  6. Dora Reply

    I dont c y there shud b a fight btw 2brother nations in Africa. My people of SA u sound lik u prefer d whites colonizing/dominatin u than welcom ur own brothers.Even in London blacks who domicile there,lives 2gether.Remember dat jst as Nigerians lives in ur country,so do SA’s in Nig.Evry country has its problems,shiftin blames wont solve any prob.Nig might hv their own prob,bt d last thing they wuld do is blame any brother country 4their probs.We pray 4peace evryday&peace must start fm our hearts.

  7. yommy Reply

    dont blame illiterate for reacting that way, blame our rogue rulers.

  8. dickson adeye Reply

    you southafricans you seem to be forgeting alot when the white british where flogging you like dogs who was their to help ? When hiv was wiping you crazy who was their to help? And as for nigerian bcomin africas largest economy wait until 2013 we will overthrown u

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