Ceasefire: Boko Haram Gives Fresh Terms

The northern based Islamist Boko Haram sect terrorising the north has again given two conditions under which to ceasefire from the bombings and killings in different parts of the north.

A source close to the sect told P.M.News in an exclusive chat that members of the group have agreed to a ceasefire but with a condition that all its members in detention be released first.

Secondly, the group wants the safety and security of all members whose names would be given to the Federal Government through Dr. Ahmed Datti, President of Supreme Council of Sharia of Nigeria, guaranteed.

The choice of Dr. Datti, according to the source, was informed by the fact that late slain leader, Mohammed Yusuf, served as a member of the Sharia Council under Datti’s leadership and so he could be trusted.

The source, who spoke to P.M.News under anonymity, also informed that the sect members have also agreed that once the two conditions are met, within four weeks they would put an end to the hostilities .

However, he hinted that members of the sect said failure to heed the conditions would amount to more hostilities.

He disclosed that the sect are now ready to dialogue with the Federal Government through Ahmed Datti, Shettima Monguno and other three northern leaders.

PM News

  1. malik Reply

    this sect is too small for Nigeria to deal with. Nigeria needs to stop corruption in the security sectors and deal with this criminals called boko haram. we are making them too important. Nigeria is to give them condition not otherwise. they are fools that lack the knowledge of God and wont accept the truth.

  2. ERIC Reply

    Why start somthing, when you know u cant finish. After the spil of innocent blood, you now want protection and to dialogue. Dats insane, you ll never have peace for the rest of life. Only God can save ur soul.

  3. Nigezie Reply

    D fdrl Govt. Shld ask d sect the reason for dier wrng doings b4 engaging in any dialogue. This cn jst be a plan to resque dier men in prisons !

    • Alhaji adam Reply

      Why dont u go and ask them by urself ?

  4. micah Reply

    He that kills by the sword will die by the sword. Govt and the world at large should not relax on the war against terrorism. Boko haram is a terrorist group and should be treated as such. It should be death sentence for all members of boko haram. No going back. No arrested member shd be released. They shd face the law. The govt n security agencies shd rise up to their responsibilies. God help Nigeria.

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