Nigerian Soldiers Murdered 10 Youth Protesters On “Revenge Mission” In Jos

Youth vs. soldiers

roof of a house next door to St. Finbarr's church ripped apart by massive car bomb

Youth protesters

House opposite St. Finbarr's affect by car bomb

Eyewitness account told Saharareporters that Nigerian soldiers murdered at least 10 young protesters as they marched on Mai Adiko village near Jos to avenge the death of 5 people killed on Sunday suicide car bomb attack on St. Finbarr’s Catholic church in the Rayfield area of Jos city.

The source said christian youths had been told that the two bombers took off from Mai Adiko village had headed there in large numbers on a revenge operation when soldiers confronted them on their way and started firing indiscriminately, killing 10.

The source told Saharareporters that soldiers kept firing at the protesters several hours later until they were forcefully dispersed.

  1. Hamza Reply

    We have to be prayerful.

  2. MUSA Reply

    Soldiers! enough is enough, stop killing innocent protesters or else….

  3. Ike joseph Reply

    Nigeria is a lawless country where destruction of life & properties mean nothing 2 the people &the goverment

  4. Blade Reply

    It’s saddening that a country once peaceful is gradually turning into an unimaginable state of anarchy.May almighty God help us,for the hadites are on the increase.And they shall not prevail.

  5. Oscar Akom Reply

    That means that all the nig amy that coming from hausa are members of boko haram that was why there are killing them so that christian will not have mouth to talk

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