Pictures: World Naked Bike Ride 2012 South Africa

The bikers in these pictures believe there is no better way to bring attention to you and your issue(s) than to remove your clothes and proceed as usual. That is the reasoning behind World Naked Bike Ride, the annual nude “Demonstration in Protest of Our Dependence on Fossil Fuel” which took place in South-Africa and other parts of the world.

Organizers claim that the World Naked Bike Ride was created to “celebrate free body culture, bicycling as an alternative to cars, and a generally greener way of living.” These are some pictures of participants in South Africa.

  1. yom Reply

    advance level of moral insanity and pronounced foolishness, with indepth stupidity

  2. Apata Babandutse Reply

    Well, devil can enter anybody to do anything… Remember, this is end-time

  3. Jason Reply

    D world is gradually folding up….. Mean its end time pls take heed for d trumpet may sound soon

  4. Sammyx Reply

    Signs of ends time, hold on who can save you ‘JESUS CHRIST’

  5. Favour Reply

    This is one of the signs of end times. Shameful,madness,overriding dignity!

  6. Anonymous Reply

    am not surprise because is one of the end time signs, so guild your heart at all times because the devil is seeking someone he may devour

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