Nigeria’s President In Secret Talks With Boko Haram Negotiators

By SaharaReporters, New York

Following the botched rescue attempt by the British Special forces in Sokoto last week leading to the death of two European contractors the UK authorities have finally prevailed on Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan to open genuine dialogue with members of Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad popularly known as Boko Haram.

The sect has officially named President of the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria, Sheik Ahmed Datti as its lead negotiator and President Jonathan has begun secret meetings with Dr. Datti to end the insurgency that has so far killed some 1,200 civilians and various security agents across Nigeria.

A source confirmed to Saharareporters that a team earlier put together by the federal government has been discarded as it was discovered they had no relationship with the sect. The UK government had used a document presented recently at the Chattam House by Comrade Shehu Sanni of the Kaduna -based Civil Rights Congress as the lead for a genuine beginning of critical dialogue. Comrade Sanni reportedly named some individuals that could end the insurgency of Boko Hrama putting Dr. Datti as the most trusted person by the sect.

The document also stated that the slain leader of the group Mohammed Yusuf was a member of the Supreme Council of Sharia led by Sheikh Datti Ahmed.

Presidency sources confirmed that Boko Haram has requested the release of its members detained across Nigeria as the requirement for further talks with the federal government. However, the federal government has only conceded to releasing the low profile members of the sect, asking to hold on to the high profile leaders currently in high security detention centers in the federal capital territory and military barracks.

The Boko Haram organization has said that if only low profile members are released they can only guarantee low profile ceasefire of their attacks.

The talks are being delayed by some hardline security chiefs who are hellbent on fighting the sect to the end according to Presidency sources.

If current pre-conditions for peace talks are met, there will be a ceasefire for at least for weeks while a new set of negotiators will be set up in the coming days or weeks to comprise of the secretary of the Supreme Council of Sharia, Nasir Baba, Comrade Shehu Sanni and a leading journalist said to be in contact with the sect.

  1. Yusuf folmi Reply

    Gudluk pls stop secret meeting wit dem.let it be open since it concern us al

  2. Suleiman Muh'd Bunu Reply

    If dat shuld be d case let mr presido do sumtin so dat he wil make sure & release d boko haram across dis naija. & those asign pple lke sheik Ahmed Datti of supreme court & comrade Shehu sani of Civil right congress. shuld wk in hand wit dem so dat at d end thy wil comeout wt positive result. & dos road blocks of Army thy shuld be remove wt a imediate effect so dat peace wil now com since is wat thy need.

    • Sachin Reply

      F`ck Femi Fani-KayodeThe price of fuel is still 50% higher than Dec 31 2011The cruorpt leadership of the labour union made a deal with the cruorpt government and the cruorpt and or obviously insane fani-kayode talks about government making concessions. Calling a 50 % increase in fuel prices a concession should lead to a visit by some health proffesionals A government that sent the military against peaceful demonstrators provoking every civilized person on this planet is in fani-kayodes words (world) sensitive to what people want, think or say.If I have a chance getting to Nigeria I need to talk to Mr Fani-Kayode about this text wheter it is a written statement or a speech. I dont see how he is able to argue any of the points he made in this text.Peace to occupy nigeria

  3. Putri Reply

    Pls don’t insult FFK. He is eilttned to his opinion or advise, whichever. Let us be civil in expressing our opinions. The strike may be over, but we have driven home our feelings & humble thots to GEJ& co. we don’t have politics in Nigeria, all we have is sabotage & subversion. Self centered leaders who are totally desentized from the people they are supposedly serving. Shame on them. Now, i believe they know that times & thinking of Nigerians have changed. We the youths can & will no longer tolerate their robberies and incompetence any longer. Let them sit up and do the right thing for the masses. They are all just getting it , that they are sitting on a keg of gun powder.My only pain is that the poor masses will always have to bear the brunts of their wrong decisions. Now the prices of goods & services that have shot up astronomically with the old fuel price may not come down. Poor poor masses.even if they pay the new minimum wage now, it is worse than before, becos this wage increase is not comparative with the 50% in fuel price. but what can we do? Let our past & present looters not think they have escaped, becos their payback day will come sooner than they expect. Revolution is a gradual process. We have just started. Let us continue to occupy in our minds, be prepared. you may never know. God bless Nigeria, God bless my fellow compatriots.

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