Is EFCC Fighting Corruption Or Freeing The Corrupt?

By Uzoma Ahamefule

Dear reader,

Immediately the news broke that Nuhu Ribadu has been appointed the chairman Petroleum Revenue Special Task force, the first thing that came to my mind were his days in EFCC. Then I thought deeply about Nigeria and I remembered what Senate President, David Mark said at a lecture marking former Governor of Imo state, Chief Ikedi Ohakim’s first year in office, precisely 16 May, 2008. He said, “48 years after independence, just barely two years to 50 years of our attainment of independence … we are still discussing on how to provide water, electricity, building roads, building hospitals … Our 48 years of independence appear to me as wasted years.” In agreement I reflected about this sad verdict and subconsciously in sober mood thought deeply about Ribadu, EFCC and the war against corruption.

Retrospectively, I sorrowfully remember the epidemic crooked structures the establishment of EFCC were meant to dismantle and how Nigerian corrupt politicians and some contractors have craftily averted justice to dishonestly live in mansions with enough millions in foreign accounts and enough food to feed their reptiles, dogs and cats while we ordinary Nigerians in the midst of plenty die in abject poverty, I shed profusely hot tears in regret. In my lonely curled lip, I painfully remember how wickedly our past leaders have corruptly planned for the future comfort of their children, then I rhetorically asked; how about us? Because we the Nigerian masses have been unjustly left without electricity, without roads, without water, without hospitals, without schools, without any structure and invariably without future in the 21 first century; where is the conscience of Nigerian politicians? Despondently, they do not care about us. What did my generation do wrong? In that pitiful, sorry and annoying state, my intellect was at alert, because it was brainstorming trying to figure out visible legacies left behind by our leaders. But unfortunately and disappointingly there was nothing so extraordinarily cheerful except decayed Nigeria , endowed with chronic corruption, political murder, ethnic contaminated mindsets and deceptive lip service of one Nigeria that they could not sincerely nurture from the beginning to maturity.

It was on this undesirable note that I reluctantly like a man who wants to commit suicide with his hands trembling to pick the hanging rope, that I picked my pen to write down in protest, in sorrow and tears that my generation is not a wasted generation, but rather the ruling class has failed us at all times beyond imagination. It was on this deplorable sorry state of Nigerian roads, the failure to have steady power supply, the collapse of Nigeria Airways without anybody prosecuted, the declaration by EFCC, Nigerian courts and judges that the former Governor of Delta state James Ibori was not a fraudster, a fugitive and ex-convict and the epidemic corrupt practices in all the parastatals recognised and institutionalised that I concluded that Nigeria is in trouble and that EFCC is stinkingly dishonest and regrettably a failure. The rigmarole into the 48 wasted years according to the number three citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is quite unfortunate but it was an honest verdict that is too hard to swallow.
Issues have been analytically compacted for your savouring curiosity. And the naked truth of my thesis in this article has been compressed to take you through the unfortunate panorama of Nigeria ’s problems. It is sadly captivating and informing.
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Happy mother’s day to all the mothers all over the world who are celebrating today especially the best mother in the world, my lovely and God fearing mother. I love you mum.
As we celebrate with the mothers today we should not forget to pray for those women that have been looking for the fruits of the womb all these years. Let us pray that their long years of pains and tears be answered. We should pray that God forgives them of whatever sin they may have committed and turn their sorrows to joy. Let us pray that there shall be cries of babies in those homes so that by this time next year they will fully join us to celebrate mother’s day with tears of joy to the shame of the devil. God did it for Hanna He can do it for them. This has been my prayer point since last month, join me and as you do that, God will bless you.

Uzoma Ahamefule
A patriotic concerned Nigerian writes from Vienna , Austria

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    Our politicians n leaders ve sold their minds 2 d devil. If nt, they would ve dn somtin great 4 this nation..

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