Man Dies At Miracle Rally

A man died of renal failure at a ‘miracle’ rally in the Cape Town Stadium at the weekend, the Cape Times reported on Monday.

Simon Williams, 56, a pastor, had been discharged from an intensive care unit on Friday before attending the “Higher Life World Conference”, where televangelist Chris Oyakhilome was said to perform miracles and cure the sick.

It was believed another person may have died in hospital after also attending the conference.

About six other seriously ill people were rushed from the stadium to hospital on Friday evening.

Hundreds of sick and disabled people queued outside the stadium on Sunday, the last day of the conference.

According to the report, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled last year that the Christ Embassy church could not prove its pastors could perform healing miracles, and had to withdraw all such television adverts.

From: Cape Times

  1. Danjuma. Reply

    The miracle has fail is good to rush the patient to hospital for treatment, if not they may end of dying miraclously.

  2. Pastor Anicho Emmanuel Reply

    Pastor Chris is a servant of God and not the healer himself. If miracles don’t happen, no one should blame him, God is the one who does the miracle. Just trust and believe in him.

  3. zionist Reply

    Don’t try to try to test pastors, this is a mattr of believe

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