South Africa To Deport 56 Nigerians Again

South Africa is set to deport 56 Nigerians, The Nation learnt yesterday.

The Federal Government has been notified of the planned deportation, which is coming barely two weeks after a row between the two countries.

The deportees, who have overstayed their visas, applied for asylum because of alleged political “crisis” in Nigeria. They appeared before an Asylum Panel in South Africa and their applications were rejected, it was learnt.

The South African Government checked and discovered that Nigeria is not experiencing any political problem to have warranted asylum for any of its citizens.

A source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who pleaded not to be named because he is not permitted to speak on the matter, said: “South Africa has informed us of a fresh deportation of 56 Nigerians. The affected persons will be brought to Nigeria either on Wednesday or Thursday.

“Our senior officers in the Nigerian High Commission in Pretoria were made to be part of the process to ascertain that none of the deportees is a victim of any form of injustice.

“The South African Government said it is granting asylum to those from war-torn countries and Nigeria is not on the list.

“In line with our new rapprochement, we cannot force these Nigerians on South Africa. So, we are expecting the deportees soon.

“Deportation is a normal thing when immigrants are found to have either entered a country illegally or overstayed their visas. Some are usually sent back each time they violate immigration laws or indulge in fraud. That is why you see Nigeria deporting illegal aliens like Nigeriens and Chadians.”

South Africa had a fortnight ago deported 125 Nigerians from the Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg over alleged fake yellow fever vaccination cards.

  1. Chukwunonso Eze Reply

    i don’t ve much to say co’s i’ve once a victim of this, maybe SA, thinks their country is now heaven or what..?,but they ddn’t even know those who develop that their drug country for them.

  2. Philip Reply

    I tink its high time dat Nigeria should come back to her senses. Am not surprised that this is hapening. Nigeria has turnd haself 2 a father xmas whereby when the Neighbouring countries are in problem,we give them food,shelter,security,2 mentn bt a few,free of charge and when they overcome their problems,they turnd and break d hand that once fed them. My advice is that for evry debit entry dia must be a corespondin credit entry. Dis means,for any help to render,there must be smtn to put down in return. Be wise

  3. adekunle Reply

    nigerian let us learn were lesson from this bcos what go around comes around

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