Kenyan Woman Sets Home Ablaze Over Sex

A woman from Kenya’s central region has set her matrimonial home on fire in protest at alleged denial of conjugal rights by her spouse.

The 23-year-old woman from a village in Kirinyaga County accused her 28-year-old spouse of abdicating his marital responsibility before setting on fire their semi-permanent house Thursday evening.

The local police chief, Mr Patrick Oduma, said the wooden house was reduced to ashes with property worth shillings 120,000 ($1,450) lost in the inferno. The woman has since been arrested.

“We have arrested the woman for the arson incident after she said she took that action to punish her husband,” said the police boss.

Witnesses said the woman was heard complaining earlier in the day that the husband, who is a motorcycle taxi operator, had neglected his duties.

She doused the house with kerosene and then set it ablaze. The raging fire overwhelmed neighbours, who had rushed to the scene to put it out.

The husband was away during the incident. He denied the allegations saying it was a “lame excuse” by the wife to leave the marriage.

The police said the woman will face arson charges.

-Via Africa Review

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