World’s Richest Footballers

Lionel Messi

France Football’s recent list of world’s richest footballers and their worth:

1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) €33m

2. David Beckham (LA Galaxy) €31.5m

3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) €29.2m

4. Samuel Eto’o (Anzhi) €23.3m

5. Wayne Rooney (Man United) €20.6m

6. Sergio Aguero (Man City) €18.8m

7. Yaya Toure (Man City) €17.6m

8. Fernando Torres (Chelsea) €16.7m

9. Kaka (Real Madrid) €15.5m

10. Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich) €14.3m

  1. Gaffer Reply

    Cr7 wil b d best w0rld richest footballer in d nxt year.

  2. waego august Reply

    mess iz dangerous and can be high and more highest big up to him

  3. weezy Reply

    nara it cant be messi wat of becks

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