Senegal Leader Threatens Doom If Defeated In Run-off

Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade is threatening doom if voters reject him in the run-off poll on March 25.

Apparently uncertain of victory in the second round, the president has said civil servants will go without salaries starting two months after his departure.

The president’s statement has thrown a chill into the Senegalese civil service which, unlike counterparts in the region, has never suffered salary delays of even a week since independence in 1960.

The president’s run-off opponent, Mr Macky Sall, has seized on the statement as “a sad and outdated electoral scam intended to dissuade good-intentioned citizens.”

Media reports on Wednesday quoted the Senegalese leader as saying that investors who had good intentions for the country were pulling back due to the campaign that has been mounted against him.

“Even the admirable infrastructural projects that I have begun and are currently executing can only be done by me and no one else,” he claimed.

Mr Sall, a former prime minister, is also claiming credit for the infrastructure projects when he was in office between 2004 and 2008.

Broke campaign

Analysts told Africa Review that the incumbent president’s statements alluding to the financial difficulties the country was facing were in response to media reports on Tuesday which alleged that the ruling Socialist party’s campaign budget has been exhausted.

Following that report, President Wade admitted that Senegal was presently going through “a serious financial crisis” but assured that his re-election will help overcome those problems.

For nearly a week now, the opposition coalition has been accusing President Wade’s campaign of purchasing votes from the electorate as it allegedly did in many opposition strongholds during the first round, hence the reported exhaustion of its budget.

Some voters confessed on independent media this week of receiving money in return for ballots during the first round.

The opposition coalition and civil society movements have been undertaking a massive anti-bribery campaign nationwide ahead of the run-off.


  1. AWAP,INC. Reply

    A typical despot and drowning man seeking to hold unto every last reed b/4 he ceases to exist. What is to be the response of the Senegalese masses to this gauntlet on March 24th? What is the price for freedom, for all it’s worth? Another viable option to this sycophant is a necessity now, more than ever. In the very least, it will ensure one man (Wade) cannot hold an entire nation/society captive as his personal fiefdom. Does Gaddafi’s Libya hold much meaning for Wade and his cronies? Or it’s business as usual?

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