Mother Left 16-month-old Baby Home ALONE While She Partied For Five Days And Nights

*Baby was found starving and wearing a nappy which had not been changed for days
*She came home periodically to feed infant Cheerios
*Mother told she could be jailed after pleading guilty to numerous charges

A mother is facing jail after leaving her baby home alone which she partied for five days and nights.

Neighbours of the 20-year-old woman heard the baby girl’s screams and alerted police officers who broke into her filthy house.

They found the 16-month-old starving in her cot, her nappy and clothes had not been changed for days and there was blood on a blanket.

The distressed youngster was so hungry she grabbed at food which she was offered by police officers and also gulped down water.

Beer cans and bottles covered the lounge floor and there were signs of drug abuse.

According to The Sun, her mother – who cannot be named – was found at a friend’s house and admitting leaving her daughter so that she could party.

However, she told officers that she did occasionally return to the house in Brecon, Powys, to feed her daughter on bread and Cheerios.

Worried: Neighbours of the 20-year-old woman heard the baby girl's screams and alerted police officers who broke into her filthy house in Brecon, Powys. Pictured is Brecon town centre

During an appearance at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court, the mother pleaded guilty to neglect, cruelty, ill-treatment, abandonment and wilful assault of her baby over five days.

She cried in the dock after being told by a judge that she could be sent to prison.

Prosecutor Heath Edwards told the court: ‘The police got in through an open window and found the house a total mess.

‘There was a strong smell of urine. The baby’s clothes were stinking dirty and had not been changed for several days.’

Judge Richard Twomlow said: ‘It is a very serious case leading to pain and suffering and misery for the baby.

‘On the face of it this is a case which requires a prison sentence.’

The woman will be sentenced at a later date. The baby is now being cared for by relatives.

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  1. 'deji Reply

    Haba! Only a person high on dope will treat an infant this way…This is sheer wickedness….she must be thoroughly punished so as to serve as a deterrent for would-be offenders.

  2. Linda Patrick Reply

    How can a woman behave this way towards her own child. Vry cruel i must say. I doubt if she is the mother of that child.


    What an heartless mother!

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