World Bank Presidency: Obama Rejects Iweala, Nominates South Korean-born Jim Yong Kim

(Saharareporters) – In a move today that signaled US discomfort with Nigeria’s finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, President Barack Obama nominated Darthmouth College President Jim Yong Kim as a candidate for the presidency of the World Bank.

Over the last week several African and South American countries, including Brazil had indicated their support for Mrs. Iweala to become the next president of the bank, however, President Obama’s decision to nominate a different candidate represents almost certain doom for the Nigerian minister’s candidacy.

The US has traditionally exercised immense power over candidates for the presidency of the World Bank.

Earlier today the Nigerian government as well as those of Angola and South Africa issued statement disclosing that they would meet to today to discuss their support for Mrs. Iweala for the World Bank presidency in Johanesburg.

A human rights activist in Abuja said Obama’s rejection of Iweala would be good riddance. He said he half-wished that Mrs. Iweala would depart the Nigerian government for the World Bank job.

“She has failed to be an advocate for ordinary Nigerians and did little or nothing to push the Jonathan regime to cut governmental waste and to combat corruption.”

  1. dal Reply

    I SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA 100%, clean ur back yard first. has the says going

  2. Joshua napa Reply

    Obama deside. Sori my cordinating minister. America own world bank while europ own IMF.

  3. Joshua napa Reply

    Sori iweila.

  4. Aminu Reply

    The bastard that pushed foolish gej nd sambo t remove fuel subsidy nd suffer poor nigerians who hardly even manage 2 square meals a day will never be anything gud in any organisation. Who knws, she might go further t remove subsidy in world bank nd suffer poor americans who hardly manage 2 square meals a day, na obama fear be dat my brothers

  5. World Bank Reply

    She has failed to be an advocate for ordinary Nigeria, and did nothing to push jonathan’s regime to cut governmental waste of resourses and or to fight against corruption.

  6. hero Reply

    @ aminu u better mind your language,Okonjo Iweala is the best candidate,for the position;we must stand our ground,america have dominated it for so long,world bank is for all not only american.the era of america dictating who they want is over.

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