Man Beats His Wife Until She Couldn’t Speak

This Nigerian woman was brutalised by her husband in Lagos. She is presently lying helpless in the hospital.

Report says they had a fight last night over a car.

She took the husband’s car out, which resulted in argument. The heated argument resulted in the fight.

Police have apprehended him.

  1. omotosho balqis Reply

    that man is heartless all because of a car, is not what to be called a man.

  2. monsuru Reply

    is this son called love?or heartless.

  3. Ajana Abiodun Reply

    The husband should be taken to the psychiatric hospital for mental checkup.It sis an animalistic altitude for a man to beat up a woman so brutal like this.This man is not fit for marriage and the society,he is a threat to life….

  4. Ahaoma Kanu Reply

    Verify your info, the story behind this picture can be gotten here: Trans Horror in Honduras

    In this picture the brutal beating of advocate and activist for the rights of transsexuals , barbara paola vargueza, president of an association in trans Honduras. May 13, 2009

    L ‘ Honduras (officially República de Honduras ) is a nation of (112 492 km ², 7,326,496 inhabitants, with the capitalTegucigalpa ) ‘s Central American isthmus. It is the second poorest country in the Americas.

    In the space of two months have killed six women transsexuals in this small town in America Centrale.I homicide rates in Honduras are the highest in Central America and are ten times higher than those in the United States.

    From 28 June 2009 when there was a coup, began the murders, which amount to 34 deaths in the LGBT community, and many of them belong to the trans community.

    The director of the Red Lesbian, Indyra Mendoza, said the killings have rocked the entire gay and trans communities in Honduras. “We need changes in laws and prevention programs to end discrimination in Honduras, because at the moment we are living our lives in hiding,” he added. Info on the pix here:

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