What A Senator Earns In Nigeria

The remuneration of the members of Nigeria’s legislative arm of Government is one of the most discussed topics in the country. It is believed in most parts of Nigeria that the jumbo pay is one of the main attractions of political office as opposed to the willingness to serve in other places. It is also believed in some quarters that the financial gains of political office is the main reason for which many politicians will do anything to perpetuate themselves in office, even if it would cost some people their lives. Below is a breakdown of what each of the 109 Senators take home:

What a Senator earns in Nigeria
= N29, 479,749. 00 Per Quarter (4 times a Year).

Basic Salary: N2, 484, 245.50.

Hardship Allowance @ 50% of Basic Salary N1, 242,122.70

Constituency allowance @ 200% of BS N4, 968,509.00

Furniture Allowance @ 300% of BS N7, 452,736.50

Newspaper allowance @ 50% N1, 242,122.70

Wardrobe allowance @ 25% N621, 061.37

Recess Allowance @ 10%: N248, 424.55

Accommodation allowance
@ 200% N4, 968,509.00.

Utilities allowance @ 30% N828, 081.83.

Domestic Staff allowance @ 35% N863, 184.12.

Entertainment allowance @ 30% N828, 081.83.

Personal Assistance allowance @ 25% N621, 061.37.

Vehicle Maintenance Allowance @ 75% N1, 863,184.12.

Leave Allowance @10% N248, 424.55.

One off payments (As advised by Sagamite

Severance Gratuity) @ 300% N7, 452,736.50 (Once they get fired.)

Motor Vehicle Allowance @ 400% of BS N9, 936,982.00 –

Every Four Years Senators Salary per month: N2, 456,647.70

Total = N29, 479, 749.00 * 109 Senators Grand Total = N 3,264,329,264. 10

The Salary of the President of the United States has however been put at $400,000/yr while the GDP U.S. Economy: $13Trillion/ yr.

The allowance of each Nigerian Senator amounts to $1,500,000/yr which is even far more than what accrues to the American President.

The GDP of the country on the other hand amounts to $45 Billion/yr.

This has been described as nothing but a feeding frenzy and an open looting of Nigeria because it is happening in a country where Doctors, teachers, civil servants cannot boast of N1m a year.

SOURCE: www.nairaland.com

  1. steve Reply

    imagine if d take home of d president of united state where people work relentlesly to serve their father’s land is peanut compare to wat a senator take home. Its really 2 bad!… Dx pple upthere lack foresite on wat it take to serve our father’s land wt selfles mind. All they are out there to do is how dey cld fill their big tank stomach. What a pity, ah! How wl d future of our pple look like…

  2. 'deji Reply

    The CBN governor shed some light on dis outrageous take-home package of our legislators last year…..only an insane country like Nigeria will pay this kind of money to people who do zilch.We hardly hear of any in-house chair-throwing incident when it comes to increasing our legislooters’ pay.Those thieves are always united in self-serving legislation.
    The cost of governance in Nigeria is crazy.
    Nigerian democracy isn’t about d people…it’s about transforming politicians into billionaires….hence d mad rush/desperation to get elected into public offices.

    What a country!

  3. mr Brai Reply

    This country does not cares much about its citizens bcox i don’t believe that pep that have the fair of God can hold on to this kind of amount while an odinarry Nigeria can not feed three times a day. What a shame to all the Senators Members house of Reps $ the Mr president him self.

  4. Benibo sobomabo Reply

    Y won’t they squander my money,your money,our money, I am the cause, you are the cause.I sit and watch you also sit and watch dats y.no restriction.my useless consolation prayer and your useless consolation prayer is ” only God will judge them” the most useless prayers Nigerians knows how to pray

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