Nigerian Beaten To Death In Malaysia‬

Barely a week before his marriage, a 35-year old Nigerian, Onochie Nwankwo was beaten to death at a condominium in Malaysia for allegedly attempting to rape a cleaner.

‪Nwankwo was said to have hugged, kissed and displayed his private part to the 43-year-old cleaner.

‪Alarmed, she alerted the management of the condominium, which sent seven of its personnel to her rescue on the 15th floor. On their way, they met the cleaner running towards them.

‪Minutes later, Nwankwo came down to the ground floor where they caught him and beat him before tying him up and informing the police.

‪“When we arrived, we found him motionless,” ACP Abdul Rashid said, adding that police rushed him to a nearby clinic where he was pronounced dead.

-Daily Times

  1. ibrahim mana Reply

    Diaspora, and let c what ‘ll happen next? FGN.

  2. kamdar online Reply

    Is a lie..we all are a living witness…the guy was innocent of that

    • Mahmud Reply

      Please, kindly give us the detais.

  3. fredie Reply

    Don’t miss the point here by the facts that the nigerian tried to rape the victim. Though we don’t condone any violent act but the nigerian would not be beaten up for no reason…can’t believe that this foreigner has the courage to commit such act. This serve as a lesson not to take for granted of what this foreigner is capable of.

  4. Alex Reply

    Look you police fool. I will bomb your police office if those Indian criminals are not brought to book. I am just keeping a watch about what will happen next. You must be a fool for flaming up this issue. All what you have mentioned here are fallacy.

  5. xplicit Reply

    Kill just based on mare accusation, I think there is somthing realy fishing, nigerians should not just keep quiet less, it can still hapen to another person.

  6. xplicit sammy chuks Reply

    Y y y and y would a life be taken just based on an unverrified accusation,wath is our world turning into? Nigerian Government should do something about this.

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