Nigeria: Christian, Muslim Youths Bond Against “Forces Of Division”

Youth wings of two prominent Christian and Muslim groups in Nigeria must forge closer ties between both religions to “resist the forces of division”, information minister Labaran Maku has warned.

Youth wings of the Christian Association of Nigeria met with their counterparts in the Muslim Youth Council of Nigeria at the National Mosque this week before jointly visiting the information ministry.

Maku said their collaboration would isolate those using religion to cause divisions in the country through terrorist activities.

He warned the violence was destroying the fabric of the northern economy, adding that politicians pursuing personal ambitions mislead youths into “violence and destruction.”

In talks with the groups, Maku pledged the information ministry would be the platform for Christianity and Islam to propagate “peace and togetherness.”

Both groups have resolved to be the vanguard for promoting peace in the country, said Mohammed Maidoki, president of the Muslim youth council.

He said politicians and religious leaders must stop making inflammatory statements capable of setting both religions against one another.

Daily Trust

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