Obasanjo Resigns As PDP’s Board Of Trustees Chairman – NAN

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has resigned as chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party.

In a statement he personally signed and made exclusively available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Tuesday, Obasanjo said he had sent the letter of resignation to the chairman of the party.

“I have formally sent in my letter of resignation as the Chairman of BOT of PDP to the National Chairman of the party as prescribed in the party’s constitution,’’ he said.

The former president added: “‘I have formally requested the President to allow my bowing out and to issue a short statement to that effect.

‘‘By relieving myself of the responsibility for chairmanship of BOT of PDP, I will have a bit more time to devote to the international demand on me.’’

He further said that the step would give him time ‘‘to give some attention to mentoring across the board nationally and internationally in those areas that I have acquired some experience, expertise and in which I have something to share’’.

Obasanjo said his exit would afford him more time to develop ‘my Presidential Library and to mobilising and encouraging investment in Nigeria and Africa.’

He noted that before the last general elections, he believed that if PDP produced the President, it would be time for him to reduce his partisan political activities.

Obasanjo recalled that he was actively involved in bringing forth ‘my successor president from PDP in 2007.

`‘In 2011, I was in the vanguard of working for PDP to produce a president for Nigeria. God answered our prayer.

  1. Chike Reply

    OBJ is a guru, a man whose advice is worth amelioratin poverty and hunger. OBJ…ur an icon.

  2. Dahiru Abdulsalam Reply

    OBJ go home and seek 4 4giveness. Thank you 4 makin d north wat it is.

  3. Ishak abdul Reply

    Mr OBJ.you a a mugu.god will funish u.

  4. JAY C Reply

    OBJ is clearly skimin smtng is cokin.i cant belif dat mde sch decition.9ja hve d potentials of g8tns we can b beta…dan ol dia ezagerated glori.BYE BYE

  5. payasyouearn Reply

    It’s gud riddance of bad rubbish.It’s evn beta 4 him dat he tuk d bow whn d ovation wz stil high,else,he wud hav bn humiliated outta dia.Who nxt???

  6. Pastor Anicho Emmanuel Reply

    PAPA OBJ, may God richly bless you. You are a pacesetter, Nigeria will never forget the efforts you have made in making this country what it is now. You are an Icon, you are a role model, you are a father that is why your service will continue to be needed all over Africa and the world. If you have decided to bow out as Chairman BOT in PDP to face international challenges, that is according to your wish but note that your are still useful in that party, in Nigeria, in Africa and the world. GOD BLESS YOU

  7. Haniyeh Reply

    Indeed, particularly with the rneeatehtd rise of ACD and possible split of PDP – things are likely to get messy. In that chaotic atmosphere a neutral, non-objectionable name is likely to emerge as the compromise candidate. (And may God hear your prayer, oh! Ngozi for VP 2007, Presido 2015!!!!).Oddly enough, OBJ still has the “joker” card – incumbency. The critical issue is how he plays it. He played it rather foolishly by not showing leadership over 3rd Term – it made him look opportunistic, at best.To regain his authority and cool the polity, he needs to re-assert his father-figure role (which, in fairness, he appears to have started doing) whereby he casts himself as only being interested in Nigeria’s progress, not personal gain. To this end he will need to focus on ensuring a clean, open, fair process that truly reflects the will of ordinary Nigerians.It is no easy feat to say “No!” to Nija’s political mafioso, but he has been doing that these past years with the reform programme (publishing allocation monies in the press, land administration reform in FCT, due process, EFCC etc). This is his strong point; being a simple, patriotic Nigerian. When he tries to pose as the shadowy political godfather, pulling strings in the background, he inevitably gets it wrong.Baba needs to be our Baba – a man with no interest other than that his “children” should be at peace and in prosperity. The most effective way for him to assert himself is by not asserting himself – thereby turning the tables and making those who are asserting themselves look greedy.Baba, come home, all is forgiven, your children need you!Anon

  8. Gerard B. Reply

    Olusegun Obasanjo is an icon for the Nigerian people. I can only hope they will be strong after you are gone.

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