Prove Your Academic Qualifications, Source Of Wealth, PDP Tells Tinubu …Says He Is 70Years, Not 60Years

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) took a cursory look at former Lagos State Governor Ahmed Bola Tinubu, questioned his academic qualification, sources of wealth, identity and declared his 60th birthday celebration as false.
The South West PDP said Tinubu lacks the moral rights to attack the person of president Goodluck Jonathan and former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

The party said; “Time has come for the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission (ICPC) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
(EFCC) to look into the funding of Tinubu’s weeklong birthday, vis the allegation of contribution of N10 million per Local council in the five ACN controlled States in the Southwest and N100 million by each of the States.

“As we write, all the ACN governors are on their ways to Abuja for another dinner as part of Tinubu’s birthday celebration. This is after staying away from their States for the better part of last week, and our question is; were these governors elected to serve Tinubu or the people of their States?”

In a statement issued and signed by the PDP Zonal Secretary, Hon. Kayode Babade, the party said, “it was an insult for someone like Bola Tinubu, whose real identity, academic qualifications and source of wealth are not known to be attacking personalities like President Jonathan and Chief Obasanjo.

According to Babade “It amounts to high level of irresponsibility for elected governors to be running up and down for a whole week in celebration of false birthday of a single individual, who claimed to be 60 when he is indeed 70 year-old.”

“While we agree that Bola Tinubu is free to run his mouth the way he desires, his verbal attacks on the president and our highly reverred leader, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is unbecoming of a former governor.

“If Tinubu is saying Obasanjo was corrupt, our question is; what business was Tinubu into before he was imposed as governor of Lagos State and what is his line of business now?

“At least, we know that OBJ has Obasanjo Farms, and even late MKO Abiola, who was a Philanthropist per excellence had Abiola Farms, Abiola Bookshops, Radio Communications Nigeria, Wonder Bakeries, Concord Press, Concord Airlines, Summit Oil International Ltd, Africa Ocean lines, Habib Bank, Decca W.A.
Ltd and other known business.

“Can anyone say with a measure of certainty Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s source of wealth?”
Speaking further, Babade said; “At 60 or whatever, what we believe Bola Tinubu should occupy his mind with is how to reconcile with his origin and people in Osun State, instead throwing verbal tantrums at people who are by far credible and respectable than him.”

The PDP also accused the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) governors of Ogun, Oyo, Osun and Ekiti States of abdicating their duty posts for Lagos and Abuja for the celebration of what it called false 60th birthday of the party leader, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Source: Pointblanknews

  1. zipman Reply

    Our political class have gone so low by using pages of newspapers to abuse each others instead of focusing on their duty post as leader. This is a complete show of shame I now see that there is no single difference between the so called political parties as non can come out openly to say there is zero corruption in their dormain

  2. ade ade Reply

    babade kayode you have nothing meaningful to use your life for come to the internet to castigate people like if that same tinubu ask you to come and be the governor of your state tomorrow you wnt jump at it and sing is praises, na recognition you dey find, better find somethig good to do

  3. ezekiel Reply

    Total arrant nonsense

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