Big Boy Caught Glued To A Taxi Driver’s Wife

Wonder they say shall never end. This strange but dramatic and true story of a Port Harcourt big boy who was caught glued to a taxi driver’s wife while they were having s*x.

As the story goes, the big boy has been having s*xu*l affair with a popular taxi driver’s wife for long before he met his waterloo.

The taxi driver who operates from Rukpokwu,we gathered had found out that his wife is enjoying a sizzling love affair with this big boy and he warned her severally to stop seeing the man, a warning which she refused to heed.

The taxi driver, we gathered also warned the big boy who obviously wooed his wife with money, to stop seeing his wife but he never listened, probably due to the s*xu*l ecstasy the woman usually gives him anytime they have s*x,coupled with her beauty.

When he realized that they are still seeing each other, the taxi driver used a very potent “gumming” juju on his wife.

Unfortunately for the woman who wasn’t aware of what her husband has placed on her, she went to her big boy lover, as usual they went to their love nest where they engaged in another round of steamy s*x, after which they glued to each other,and the big boy could not come down from the top of the woman,afterwards.

When they were caught glued to each other,the taxi driver confessed to lacing his wife with “gumming” juju to stick them together.

He vowed not to separate them unless the big boy gives him N10 million cash on the spot.

Consequently,they were all taken to Rumuokoro police station where the policemen on duty persuaded him to separate them.

He left them stuck together for another 3 days after which he was given 2 plots of lands in Rupokwu before “freeing” them.


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    Well that is good 4 the woman and also 4 the big boy 2, now no more big boy forwhat he did

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