Nigerian Lawyer Shot Dead In American Nursing School Shooting

43-year-old Nigerian mother of three, Doris Chibuko, was among the victims of a deadly shooting at the Koreans Nursing school in Oakland, California on Monday.

Doris was among the 7 people fatally shot by a lone gunman at Oakland’s Oikos University in Oakland.

Doris hails from Enugu State and studied and practiced law before migrating to the U.S. She got married in 2002 to Efanye Chibuko and they moved to the U.S the same year.

The fatal shooting, according to media reports, happened two months away from her planned graduation from the small private college. She and her colleagues were murdered by a fellow student, One Goh, who later surrendered to the police in a supermarket.

A Nigerian lawyer has been identified as one of those killed at Oikos University, Oakland, California, when a lone gunman opened fire on students and teachers Monday inside the small Christian University located in East Oakland.

The killer was described as a disturbed former nursing student at the university, who later turned himself in to authorities at a Safeway superstore located at the South Shore Centre in Alameda.

Several Nigerians resident in the Bay Area trooped to the Chibuko family home located in San Leandro Hills to commiserate with the family on Tuesday evening after news filtered out that she had been killed in the deadly mass shooting regarded as Oakland’s worst in over 20 years.

The Alameda County Coroner’s Office announced Tuesday morning that other dead victims hailed from Korea, Nepal, the United States and the Philippines.

  1. sadiq olayinkA Reply

    Its a sad story may her soul rest in peace.

  2. racheal Reply

    May ha soul rest in peace

  3. Jenny Reply

    Sad loss. She was such a successful young women, its hard to see such a waste of talent. Hope the killer is brought to justice.

  4. Mary Reply

    I wonder why she did not continue studying Law why nursing? This is a course that people disrespect in Nigeria. Why Nursing? Because of money

  5. Mary Reply

    Why did she continue with law why nursing. Nursing is a course Nigerian disrespect but why nursing in America? Because of money

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