Bride Takes A Bus To Get To Church

A bride in her wedding gown hopped on a bus to exchange her vows.

Fellow passengers looked on in amazement as Jenny Klochko, 28, took the 407 to Sutton Register Office, south London.

Other brides opt for a Rolls-Royce or a horse drawn carriage to whisk them to the church on time.

With two bridesmaids in tow, she flagged down the single-decker in Carshalton Road just before touching her Oyster and travelling to Sutton town centre.

She allowed a good two hours to travel two stops – just in case. She then hopped off, and after stopping for a cup of tea in Manor Park, surprised shoppers by walking through Sutton High Street to the wedding in Worcester Road.

Jenny, a freelance journalist who worked for the BBC World Service in Kiev, said: ‘I wanted to do something different on my wedding day, so many weddings are the same these days and a little soulless.

‘In the Ukraine it’s common for a bride to walk through the town on the way to her wedding so those who aren’t invited to the wedding can still see her.
‘We thought this was a way I could do that.’

She said she was keen to have a London theme to her big day, and had looked into getting a white London taxi to the register office.

But she broke the news to new husband Ian Mussett, 44, a manager for an insolvency firm the day before the wedding she would be taking the bus.

He made sure she left a full two hours before the ceremony, as he could not trust public transport.

Mrs Klochko Mussett said the driver asked her if she was serious when she got on the bus.
But she said she was surprised by so little reaction from other passengers.

She said: ‘I think they thought it must be a practical joke. No one even offered me their seat.’

Guests at the wedding got treated to their own bus ride later in the day, when a privately-hired Routemaster bus took them and the couple, who met in 2010, to their reception in Wimbledon.


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