Lessons Of Easter – By Ogunjimi James Taiwo

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind” – Bob Marley

Easter season is a season to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which serves as the basis of the Christian faith. However, Easter season has changed from a season celebrated in sobriety to a season characterized by excesses and money-making by church leaders.

Easter season should be a time when Christians reflect on the life and times of Jesus Christ, the lessons learnt from his life and death. Today however, we see pastors riding in two or three cars while the members who contribute offering in the church can’t afford a bicycle. Today, we see pastors traveling round the world while the members who contribute the money can hardly afford leaving their villages, towns or cities. Today, we see pastors being named as the richest pastor in a location without reference to the fact that the money belongs to the members. Today, we see schools being built with church money, yet the members who contributed the money to build the schools can’t afford to send their children to such schools. Today, we see pastors owning private jets and airlines yet the members who contributed the money will never set foot on the jets.

It is so sad that so many church leaders who refuse to lend their voices to societal and national issues are the same people who entertain political dignitaries in their places of worship. It is sad that the same pastors that can’t speak when the government is oppressing the citizens are the same pastors who organize programmes and invite government people to donate to the church. It is regretable that the same religious leaders who are tongue-tied when the nation is falling apart are the same leaders who invite political office holders for special anointing programs where large chunks of money is donated.

Nigerians must wake up and realise that it is futile to identify with a body that can’t procure solutions to national problems. True, we profess that we receive miracles, but of what use are you when your family members are being slaughtered on a regular basis? What’s the importance of life when you have to live it in fear and insecurity?

I challenge all christians today to be objective in our thinking. We should encourage our leaders to rub minds together to solve national problems. Yes, heaven is our home, but we have been promised heaven on earth. Pastors who encourage human rights abuse, e.g slapping of members in church by Bishop oyedepo, should be brought to book. Pastors who can’t speak against government’s wrong doings should not bother entertaining such political leaders in their church to avoid swaying the hearts of their members.

Church leaders who accrue wealth from their members should remember that throughout Jesus’ sojourn on earth, he never had a chariot even though he could have gotten one. He never had a horse, he had to borrow a colt on his entry into Jerusalem. If we say we are treading in Christ’s footsteps, this easter season should be used to right our wrongs and start leading an exemplary life.

Ogunjimi James Taiwo

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