(PICTURES) Easter Sunday Tragedy: Massive Car Bomb Kills 20 In Kaduna – Sahara Reporters

At least 20 persons were killed in Kaduna metropolis on Easter Sunday as a massive suicide car bomb exploded around Junction Road by Sardauna Crescent near two prominent churches-ECWA Church on Gwari Road, and Assemblies of God Church. Also, the attack took place a few meters to the Ahmadu Bello Stadium.

Bodies of victims blown into pieces littered the streets around the scene of the explosion.

Security agency at the scene suggest that the suicide bombers were actually going to one of the churches but that the bomb went off instantly killing the bombers and as well over 20 motorbike riders and others innocent bystanders within the vicinity of the explosion.

Several injured persons were taken to St. Gerald’s Catholic Hospital, Kaduna.

Police spokespersons said this is likely the worst bomb attack witnessed in Kaduna State since islamist militant sect Boko Haram began a campaign of bombing and violence aimed at instituting Sharia law in Nigeria.

  1. Chidex Dilibe Reply

    Northern leaders why are u squizing life out people? Only God will judge u all. Hence u couldnt make this country a better place 4 all, cant u as well allow ordinary nigerians spend d short period of time that God has given them earth?

  2. dj Reply

    Ds nation calld 9ja is sumtin else.God will fight 4 his ppl nd all d evil men will die says the lord

  3. Oscar Akom Reply

    Why south are not going back to their own town, they are fool let them die. Nonsence

  4. Yahaya Reply

    It’s unfortunate dt we were made 1 Nigeria with d butchers who call themselves humans!

  5. ike chinedu Reply

    any religion dat does not preach peace and luv 4 one anoda is from d pit of hell

  6. jummai Reply

    our northern leaders why why why it shall soon come to your down steps because the God of the innocent is not asleep.you have ruled for long and no one said a word,you could stop this nonsense if you wish too.God the blood of the innocent shall fight for justices.

  7. Endy Reply

    May God delivers us from these terrible monsters. Must we remain one Nigeria even if it kills us all? Wat other sign are we waiting for? If we cannot live in peace then let us go our separate ways.this Boko haramites should know we still hav other groups like MEND MASSOB OPC and co…… Nobody have monopoly of violence oh. Haba!!!

  8. Hassan Reply

    Yah Allah, we handover our life to you.

  9. Brown Reply

    No one has the authority 2 take life since they choose 2 slaugter christains they wil not go unpunished. is obvious splitin this country wil put an end to all this act. They are cankerworm.

  10. akanbi bamidele Reply

    how long will you wait for God to fight for you fools. stand up and fight then God will fight

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