Dozens Of Boko Haram Members Join Forces With Malian Rebels

Among the rebels controlling Mali’s northern city of Gao are dozens of Nigeria’s Islamist Boko Haram group, a regional deputy told AFP on Monday. A security source confirmed the information.

“There are a good 100 Boko Haram fighters in Gao. They are Nigerians and from Niger,” said Abu Sidibe, a regional deputy. “They’re not hiding. Some are even able to speak in the local tongue, explaining that they are Boko Haram.” The information was confirmed by a Malian security source.

At least 100 Nigerian Islamic Boko Haram guerillas crossed the frontier with Mali and took control of the town of Gao, in the north of the Country, according to Abu Sidibe, local deputy-governor.

  1. Oscar Akom Reply

    Nigeria should get ready after, Mali is Nigeria

  2. Karla Reply

    Nigerians make Nigeria what it is, so it may be hard to separate these two e.g. Attitude of Nigerians say a lot about Nigeria’s image, as a corntuy, a quasi-hostile and entity of most ills that can be found on earth today.In the same vein, Nigerians don’t make Nigeria what it is, because irrespective of what we do to the environment, the geo-physical element called Nigeria remains what it is: Plateau state is still pretty, looking down on the rain forest from hundreds or thousands of feet up there, it still looks alluring, my vegetable soup is always wonderfully made et ceteraI will say I love Nigeria, but I don’t like most Nigerians because of their individual traits. I cannot lump everything “Nigeria” together and say I dislike Nigerians (which indirectly includes my wonderful family, relatives, friends both physical and electronic et al)…I don’t even know where I’m going with this…I just feel it’s all about the context and uh, there’d be more grain of salt to that line of thought if dissected.

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