PHOTOS: Mr Gay World Pageant In Africa (For The First Time)

For the first time, the contestants in Mr Gay World came to Africa, a continent where most countries still maintain sodomy laws, sometimes punishable by death.

Only three Africans participated in the annual contest for gay men, which was held in South Africa. Contestants from Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya dropped out for various reasons ranging from intimidation to government pressure and lack of funding.

It was the first time that the event, which debuted in 2009, had been held in Africa, which is known for its intolerance of sexual minorities with the “offence” punishable by death in many countries.

South Africa remains the only country in the region that allows gay marriages.

  1. Tari Nemi Reply

    These pictures are disgusting. South Africa think they,re Europeans or what? They,re promoting what animals forbid. Liberty without control is bondage. This is liberty without control-bondage.

    • Mark Pirres Reply

      Why, what’s exactly different from any other beauty contest? Because they are all men and homosexual? By the way homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom too, but it’s just too easy and convenient to stick to old beliefs and be a bigot, isn’t it? Maybe you need to get yourself a time travel machine and go back to the Middle ages – you wouldn’t find any scientific evidence then that homosexuality is part of nature just like heterosexuality and live blissfully in your ignorance

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